Peta Credlin says Fairfax keeps reporting on what she says on Sky News because she chose to work for News Corp (the Daily Tele and Sky News) over Fairfax (and yes, they did make an offer, but she won’t say more).


On Twitter, Fairfax scribe Latika Bourke points out that it’s not like the journalists who choose to write about Credlin would have known that.

On all things Credlin, BuzzFeed had an interesting tidbit yesterday about Tony Abbott’s head of comms Adrian Barrett now being employed as Credlin’s researcher on Sky News. Meanwhile, the ABC (imprecisely) reported that she’d said Malcolm Turnbull had made “a mistake” by candidates in marginal seats by not campaigning with them. The piece carried this correction by the end of the day…

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“When it was originally published this story asserted that Peta Credlin said candidates in Boothby and Dunkley did not campaign alongside the Prime Minister during his visits to their seats. The ABC accepts this was incorrect and Ms Credlin was specifically referring to their failure to appear alongside Malcolm Turnbull at the formal press conferences with reporters.”

We wonder if Credlin complained. Curiously enough the Oz had a go at Credlin this morning for getting her details wrong on that, saying Turnbull had campaigned with both candidates she mentioned. Seems the ABC wasn’t the only one to read her comments that way.

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