The media so far are doing a pretty good job of giving the major party leaders even time, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull only about 15% in front of Opposition Leader Bill Shorten in volume of coverage. Print and broadcast are keeping politics pretty high on the page and in the bulletin, but most online news outlets have quickly relegated the election to a long way down the home page, as the broader lack of interest in the campaign keeps them focused on sport and reality TV.

Meanwhile, what is a state premier doing in the top five in the middle of a federal election campaign? Well, that would be Mike Baird and his council amalgamations, which are getting strong criticism from both left and right (as amalgamations always do), with some media claiming it could cost Turnbull a few seats in what is seen as his main redoubt of NSW. The other premier up the list was WA's Colin Barnett, after bringing down a budget deep in deficit as the WA economy struggles to cope with the post-mining boom landscape.