You know what show we don't spend enough time talking about? Q&A. Along with the recaps of last night's episode, the Duncan Storrar pieces are still plentiful. This morning's The Australian has a piece by Nick Cater about how the "Left's" turning of Storrar into an "object of compassion" shows its "moral confusion". And in Fairfax, John Birmingham writes that knocking Storrar down means no one like him will dare question politicians like that again. These takes follow hot on the heels of last night's Media Watch, which also covered the Storrar fallout. Storrar has been largely in hiding since News Corp turned on him, but he spoke to the ABC. His full response to Media Watch is up on the website. It includes the following statement on what must be Australia's most talked-about TV show:

"Q&A is the only place where people like me can ask questions of our leaders and policy makers ... and as such is the most important part of democracy I have available to me."