May 12, 2016

Why I’ll never vote for the Greens

Don't believe what The Daily Telegraph tells you: there's no red in the Greens and they aren't the party of revolution many take them for.

Helen Razer — Writer and Broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and Broadcaster

Larissa Waters, Richard Di Natale and Scott Ludlam

There is something wrong with the ABC’s democratic novelty, Vote Compass. There must be, because since its inception, this “whom should I vote for?” quiz has whacked me in the Greens quadrant every time. This makes me sore, as I am about as likely to ever vote Green as I am to afford a life in a suburb that is full of people who name their daughters after sexually liberated French modernist writers.


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106 thoughts on “Why I’ll never vote for the Greens

  1. Mike Smith

    (BTW, can’t you do something about the comment tracking??)

  2. Bob Roberts

    If all the political parties put the Greens last on all how to vote cards we could finally be rid of them. They would not hold a single seat in the house of Representatives or the Senate. What a great day that would be!

  3. Jake Mars

    So who ARE you voting for then?? It seems Vote compass did it’s job and aligned you with the party that most matches your views. Are you really going to make an informal vote just because there’s no party that goes as far as you think they should?

  4. dogspear

    Vetoing ETS mk1 was unnecessarily and harmfully ideological, yet we got an improved one (later destroyed by the opposite end of the historically electable spectrum) and as a response you are vetoing the original vetoers.. Maybe you are really just that little bit more ideological and care more deeply but your vision of an anarchic non moralising yet forcibly wealth redistributing state is genuinely intriguing. I’ve not read a lot of Picketty or Marx but costing externalities into capitalism in an _actual_ sense seems to be a logical route to something closer to real equality in the material world and an actual difference to the Liberal and Labor parties, however right you designate them.

  5. debcol

    So true Helen. But Labor is so crap, gutless, on offshore detention. Who to vote for?

  6. Jo Ball

    So vote for Labour who helped bring in mandatory data retention, and agrees with offshore detention, and who wasn’t even going to vote for corporate tax legislation to show which companies didn’t pay any tax.
    How about voting for Liberal/Nats that take funding away from homeless people, first australians, hospitals, schools, who also gave us mandatory data retention and secrecy of sovereign borders, oh and Greg Hunt approving all these mines.
    This story is your opinion, which you have a right to, but you obviously take the same approach as the two party preferred option, of using the greens as a scapegoat for the disarray caused by Labour, Liberal and the Nationals.
    Even Barnaby Joyce who is supposed to be a voice for farmers, turns his back as soon as a higher position comes up.
    Greens do have a rational plan, if people would only choose to really listen.

  7. Yvette Novak

    Ha! Talk about a lack of caffeine. I am still not sure what points were being made?

  8. Philip Rhoades

    Helen, great stuff! I have missed your articles that I used to read in “The Big Issue” when I still lived in Sydney . .

  9. John Clark

    Helen, the most revealing thing about the Greens is their token position on population growth. To be consistent, this should be their top priority.

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