May 12, 2016

Why I’ll never vote for the Greens

Don't believe what The Daily Telegraph tells you: there's no red in the Greens and they aren't the party of revolution many take them for.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

Larissa Waters, Richard Di Natale and Scott Ludlam

There is something wrong with the ABC’s democratic novelty, Vote Compass. There must be, because since its inception, this “whom should I vote for?” quiz has whacked me in the Greens quadrant every time. This makes me sore, as I am about as likely to ever vote Green as I am to afford a life in a suburb that is full of people who name their daughters after sexually liberated French modernist writers.

Actually, that’s an input the ABC’s psephologists should really think about including in their test: “Have you seriously considered calling your child Anais?” would be a more accurate means to align a voter with the Greens. As would “Do you have an unread copy of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century sitting on your reclaimed ladder bookshelf?” Without such data, the outputs for the leftist voter will continue to be just (upcycled) garbage.

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106 thoughts on “Why I’ll never vote for the Greens

  1. PhoenixGreen

    This is misdirected frustration from someone who blames the Greens for the fact that she can’t be bothered reading published Greens policy.

  2. Teddy

    My electorate of Grayndler is getting heaps of media attention because its Albo’s, and he’s under “threat” from the Greens. The Tele and the Oz are hyperventilating about it, and even the Herald got into the act this morning – reporting on the Greens candidates calls for “revolutionary direct action,” the sort that Helen is enamoured by.

    The Greens candidate originally comes from one of the many Trot parties, apparently, as do most of the Greens elders in this neck of the woods. The reason Albo is under “threat” is because his electorate’s borders were changed, taking out chunks of “working class” Marrickville and adding the distinctintly bourgeoisie Annandale and Balmain, which already has a Greens state MP.
    These are two of the wealthiest suburbs in Sydney. Lots of the kids in the local public schools (primary, older ones all go private), answer to the name of Anais.

  3. LesMallett

    I suppose it would be too much to ask you to do some research before writing? http://greens.org.au/initiatives
    And all I had to do was google two words. But that is probably too much for you Helen, you are obviously too busy ranting at the world to do anything to fix it.

    1. Helen Razer

      Which of the policies (linked to in the article and read, if horribly misunderstood, by me) pose a genuine challenge to the way we currently organise our nation? Which of these gives us a hint about a great program of fundamental reform?

  4. Lyn Gain

    Good one, Helen.

  5. Gary Charles Corr

    What is you connection to the Labour Party? And please try to be honest even if it is a novelty?

    1. Helen Razer

      Me? I once had really mediocre sex with a minor ALP policy worker. That and a brief dance with Young Labor is it.

  6. Finoosa

    One of the weakest articles I have read on Crikey. If ever there was a ‘latte set’ lot of rhetorical and clever piffle this is it. The Greens obviously have solutions. That is why the major parties have copied or taken on so many of them. A bit of history would show the Greens stood up for and posed solutions to same sex marriage, climate change, tax and superannuation rorts well before the major parties took these issues seriously. The Greens still have the best solutions to these issues with major parties still tilting in the direction of solutions or offering compromised and weak solutions. The Greens also have policies and practical proposals in areas of substance abuse, the arts and budget repair and fiscal responsibility and on many other issues.
    The article paints the Greens as infected by some way out economic theorists or communistic ideals. Greens I know are pragmatic and give a greater weight to scientific and evidenced based policies than the two major parties. For ideology that distorts you can’t go past the economic rationalism and neo liberalism of the LNP.
    I enjoy a controversial, stirring journalism but this piece fall flat.

  7. crakeka

    Sorry, but beyond shallow.
    Two reasons to vote “Green”. Manus and Nauru. The end does not justify the means. It is simply a matter of conscience.

  8. Robert Beverley

    For some of us there are no political parties that accurately reflect our world view (libertarian left in my case). Who is our least worst choice if not the Greens?

  9. Carlene Colahan

    Excellent piece Helen. #AsAnIllegalMarxist

  10. Colin Bower

    I’m struggling to see the point of this Razer rant. It seems on the one hand the Greens are too radical for her, but on the other they are not radical enough. At the the end of the day the two major parties are bib and bub, tweedledum and tweedledee, two sides of the same coin. There are two issues that really matter to me, which taken together mean I cannot vote for either main party: asylum seekers and climate change. I am ‘misty-eyed’ about the plight of asylum seekers, am ashamed to be associated as an Australian with ‘offshore processing’ and the indefinite detention of innocent men, women and children. The Greens get my vote because they alone stand for ending this inhumane policy.

    1. Jason Murphy

      Essentially the Greens are too centrist. You have to assume she lives in a seat with a strong socialist left or communist candidate and will vote for them. Why she doesn’t simply write the article like that( “I vote Communist because the Greens are too right wing for me, By H.Razer” ) is unclear.

    2. Butidont Likespam

      You’ve got it, Colin. Razor fancies herself as too left wing for the Greens, which is why she votes for a centre-right party. She’s treading that well-worn path that the likes of Brendan O’Neill and Alan Dershowitz have trod before her. It will be interesting to see where she ends up.

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