A lovely bit o’ bitter fermenting and fomenting on the right, following Waleed Aly’s winning of the Gold Logie on Sunday night. What’s delicious, and deliciously painful to them, is that Aly was chosen by the same event that gave the NRL Footy Show its fourth sports Logie in a row, and 10th overall. First out was Tim Wilson in an astonishingly grudging and bitter outburst on The Drum, in which he gargled out some bollocks about Aly being unworthy because he disagrees with the IPA on affordable housing. It had nothing to do with Tim Wilson not being the centre of attention, let’s get that clear.

Wilson was gazumped this morning by Rita Panahi, who suggested that Aly’s win was a reason to have the Logies abolished.

On his blog, the Bolter kept discipline firm, restraining himself from a blast, musing as to whether Aly’s victory was “signal sending”, and wondering why people still thought that Australia was t.e.h racistz. Probably because they read Tim Wlson and Rita Panahi.