In the flurry before the election was called on Sunday and the government entered caretaker mode, ministers rushed to make appointments to government positions. Many are worthy appointments, or re-appointments, and there were also several jobs for the boys/girls.

More than 100 government appointments were made in the lead-up to the election. Just last week alone, there were three Human Rights Commissioners appointed, four federal court roles, a new Reserve Bank governor in Philip Lowe, a new Reserve Bank board member in Ian Harper (of the Harper review), new members to the National Museum council, new members to the National Maritime Museum council, new members to the Australia Post board, new members to the classification board, and several new ambassadors (something Labor could undo if it wins, following the precedent set by the Abbott government).

Dozens of emails were sent out by the government in the last hours of Friday listing positions to be filled. In a single press release, Brandis announced 76 appointments or re-appointments to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.