Every so often, media companies put on premiere movies in Parliament House to show off to politicians the value of their craft. Infamously, Village Roadshow put on a screening of The Lego Movie weeks before its wider release in Australia while at the same time it was lobbying the government to stop people pirating the film, which was released months earlier in the US. Last night Parliament hosted Foxtel, with various media and entertainment journalists flown from around the country to sit alongside our elected officials for a screening of Secret City. This is the political intrigue/drama TV series premiering on Foxtel earlier next month based on The Marmalade Files, written by the ABC's Chris Uhlmann and News Corp's Steve Lewis. By all accounts it sounds like a cracker series, with at least one MP comparing it to Netflix's flagship series House of Cards. We wonder if this means the PM will retire his Frank Underwood quotes for something in Foxtel's new series. https://twitter.com/PaulFletcherMP/status/727799311027687425