Opposition Leader Bill Shorten took a break from hammering the government about the budget to take part in Tom Gleeson’s Hard Chat segment on The Weekly with Charlie Pickering last night. While Gleeson has snagged some big names and had Rudd talking about “the dismemberment of  human bodies” last week, Shorten kept it together but mainly stuck to the script, even when Gleeson came at him with a zinger of his own: “You helped drag down Kevin Rudd and then helped drag down Julia Gillard. Are you sure you can have your own full support?”

Our media landscape is amongst the most concentrated in the democratic world. Big media businesses are marred by big media interests. If you want the full, untainted picture on important issues — our environment, corruption, political competence, our culture, our economy — Crikey is required reading.

I am a private person that takes online privacy very seriously but I wanted to contribute my words to this campaign as I genuinely believe that we will improve as a country if more people read publications such as Crikey.

Sydney, NSW

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