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May 5, 2016

Smash the revolving door

Abbott accidentally revealed the real goal of public service -- to give enough breaks to industry so they'll give you a cushy job when it's over.

Tony Abbott gave us a peek behind the curtain yesterday, in his tribute to former resources minister Ian Macfarlane, a man so loyal to the Liberal Party that he tried — and failed — to defect to the Nats late last year. Said Abbott:

“It was a magnificent achievement by the [member] for Groom in his time as minister … and I hope the sector will acknowledge and demonstrate their gratitude to him in his years of retirement from this place.”

Yes, Abbott is openly calling for the mining industry to repay the former minister’s kindness with a cushy job, just as it did with Labor’s Mar’n Ferguson. And the same way so many industries reward former pollies who did them a solid during their parliamentary careers.

Maybe ScoMo will be given a sweet gig in a big company — the only real beneficiaries of this year’s budget — when the good people of Cook have had enough?

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9 thoughts on “Smash the revolving door

  1. Tom Beem

    One Australian state had a policy of having unusually high salaries in its mining department to facilitate staff rotation with mining companies. Move from industry to the department, grant your old company some rather nice mining tenements and go back to the company to receive your reward.

  2. Chris Gulland

    It annoys me when politicians leave the gravy train of parliament with a generous payout, then pick up another highly paid gig in industry. Smacks of double standards, and cronyism

  3. thelorikeet

    Cat been belled? But wasn’t Macca on a promise from the ALP in Queensland anyway? Not so much the revolving door put the firm attachment to the public teat

  4. timothy leary

    These are just two lists that were compiled a while ago now but they are still only the tip of the iceberg. History will record the influence the mining industry have had in Australia as an example of pure corruption.

  5. klewso

    The idiot doesn’t have a clue about ethics.

  6. paddy

    LOL C’mon Crikey, you’ve missed the elephant in the room here.
    Tony’s begging for his own cushy job from some clueless business exec by proxy.
    If they’ll give Macca a job…Then surely Tones is in with a shot. 🙂

    1. klewso

      Who’d employ him ? “Rubber Chicken Inc”?

  7. peterh_oz

    From a man who received a bribe, then took advice on how to keep it without it looking like a bribe.

    I’d be sacked on the spot, & probably charged, if I did that. Our gift limit is $15, & has to be declared!

  8. AR

    It does strike me as a desperate plea that he himself be remembered but Exhibit 1 in the Patronage Stakes would have to have been the Smirk, trolling around for a sinecure from the BigAr$ed end of town after 2007. And not a nibble – he had to rely upon…. Labor to make him chair of the Future Fund otherwise he’d be watching daytime TV, all day, every day.

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