May 2, 2016

Wikipedia page of rapist-led cult whitewashed from inside the ATO

An ATO employee has been using a work computer to whitewash the Wikipedia page of a South Korean cult, whose leader is in prison for multiple counts of rape. Freelance journalist John Power reports.

An Australian Tax Office computer has been used to whitewash information online about a South Korean cult that has recruited Aussie women as “spiritual brides” for its leader, a convicted rapist.


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6 thoughts on “Wikipedia page of rapist-led cult whitewashed from inside the ATO

  1. CML

    At the very least, the ATO lawyer should have been removed from the public service.
    What kind of outfit is the ATO running????

  2. George Ligget

    Someone edited a controversial Wikipedia page while on break at work? I think if your objective is trying to hold the government responsible, you are missing a bigger picture. Just saying.

  3. Donald Goldstein

    This is news? And aren’t people allowed to edit wikipedia?
    I’m sure that there are plenty of ATO employees checking social media while at work…

    1. Peter Daley

      Bit of a difference between checking social media and taking orders from a Hitler-praising convicted serial rapist who has been accused of raping over 1,000, being part of a wider project to whitewash factual information and intimidate critics, and moonlighting for him as a lawyer. .. on tax computers. The cult she is a member of, and it’s a shame she’s been indoctrinated so completely, has committed violence against reporters and critics. It meets pretty much every definition of a terrorist group. Why wouldn’t that be news?

  4. June Striker

    Are you serious? Is this worth news? Who cares about a Korean cult in Australia? And it is kinda hard for me to believe that an aussie is a member of the cult. I think westerners are more awake than that, not following some Asian cult from a small country.

    1. Peter Daley

      Theer’s nothing unique abo0ut Australian that helps resist indoctrination. Why wouldn’t you care about a cult led by a serial rapist recruiting on campuses and in schools? Does his nationality matter? There are plenty of home-grown cults and plenty more from Western countries that operate here – Scientology for one, not to mention terrorist groups which use the same indoctrination techniques. The problems cults and extremism cause are enormous and I really don’t think they need to be spelled out. It’s a shame that some people really do not care either through ignorance or indifference.

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