Politics has often been described as Hollywood for ugly people, a claim Ms Tips obviously detests. But a report by the Joint Committee into Procedure could ensure politics becomes more like sport for ugly people. The report into electronic voting in the House of Representatives recommended that voting should remain in the chamber and that members should continue to divide to the left and right sides of the chamber, but it also recommends members get a bit technical:

“The Committee recommends that the option of using a swipe or touch card (or electronic token) and readers that allow Members to vote from any seat to the left or right of the Chair be investigated.”

Our favourite part however is the idea that the results of the divisions be displayed in the chamber in real time. We imagine that it would be like a scoreboard, and the numbers would tick up as MPs cast their votes. The minutes of the division could countdown as well, to add some tension.

Of course, adding tension and excitement wasn’t the reason the committee gave for recommending electronic voting, Apparently it’s for saving time and transparency:

“The potential for saving the time of the House was identified as the most compelling argument for modernising the House voting system. It was also argued that the immediacy of voting results provided by electronic voting would allow for greater transparency, particularly if the results were displayed inside the Chamber and were made immediately available to outside observers.”