Jock Webb writes: Re. “On 60 Minutes” (Friday). Yes I think you can be guilty of kidnapping your own child Doug Foskett, if you have made no attempt to register the Australian court’s orders and at lest set up some legal basis. This whole business is messy and emotional, but the approach in this time and place was very unwise and might easily have got someone killed. Lebanon is not an uncivilised country, but some bits are very dangerous indeed.

There’s honesty, and then there’s this

David Hardie writes: Re. “The most honest politician in Australia” (Friday). Someone needs to help me to understand why Sophie Mirabella had money for a new hospital and she did not announce during what was a very close re-election race?  The story is tawdry no matter how you look it but why has no one thought to cast a critical eye over the truthfulness of it?