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Labor looks to the past. Are Labor MPs trying to woo voters with flattering photos from their salad days? Yesterday both former treasurer Wayne Swan and deputy leader Tanya Plibersek posted snaps of themselves as students to encourage youngsters to enrol to vote. Through this we learnt that the Wayne of 1974 had a moustache and long flowing locks …

wayne swan TBT

And young Tanya is all about the youth vote …

tanya plibersek tbt

Australian Financial Review journalist Phil Coorey also got in on the spirit, with this throwback to his ID card at The Advertiser. Looks like it could have been taken yesterday …

phil coorey TBT

Ms Tips loves photos of pollies and journos in their youth. If you have any share them here!

Liberals in Victoria want YOU. The Victorian Liberals are making their play for volunteers with sponsored posts on Facebook. According to the advertisement, volunteers will find themselves more employable:

“Volunteering during an Election Campaign is a great way to help your community, be part of a team and meet new people.

“It’s also a great way to put yourself ahead of the competition when it comes to applying for your next job. 95% of employers agree that volunteering can be a credible way of gaining real-work experience and hiring managers say that volunteer experience is looked upon favourably during the recruitment process.

“Volunteering is a great way to augment your resume, particularly if you are new to the workforce, or looking at changing careers.”

We’re sure young Liberals looking for a career path will turn up to drinks next Friday night — the youth branch of the party is hosting an event with newly minted Senator James Paterson and candidate for Goldstein Tim Wilson in Melbourne. Maybe the Institute of Public Affairs will have a rush of applications when prospective MPs realise how quickly they could find themselves in Parliament.

Don’t you forget about me. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced this week his government will open a Pride Centre in Melbourne, bigger than San Francisco’s LGBTI Community Centre. But the announcement was met with cautious optimism by LGBTI groups. The Andrews government has committed $15 million to the centre, which will house some LGBTI groups and organisations. Queer community radio station Joy 94.9 made a not-too-subtle play to be included, saying in a statement it still did not have certainty over its current home:

“JOY 94.9 also needs a permanent home and has been undertaking a property review since 2015. The station is currently in the City Village, owned by City of Melbourne, however JOY understands that this property is subject to an upcoming council review.

“Speaking on JOY 94.9 on Wednesday night, Gender and Sexuality Commissioner Rowena Allen said regarding JOY’s permanent home status:

“‘This announcement tonight has all of those factors in play. We have been working with the City of Melbourne on [JOY’s] behalf.

“‘This is very front and centre, and there is no way [myself and Minister Martin Foley] are going to let JOY off air, and we’re going to make sure there is continuity and balance that with the right building and the right place. Now the work begins.'”

‘Home in the Voldemort?’ Environment Minister Greg Hunt has made this addition to his register of interests, but in the Crikey bunker we’re none the wiser about what he is actually declaring. Is it really an act of transparency if it can’t be decoded …?

greg hunt handwriting

Perhaps Hunt could take lessons in handwriting from Queensland MP Bob Katter, who dropped this note in to Crikey‘s Josh Taylor earlier this week. Kids these days wouldn’t know where to start with a beautiful cursive like that …

josh bob katter tweet

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