Next Monday is the day we can all stop holding our breath, waiting patiently beside the television to find out the resolution from last season. We just have to have pay TV to be able to watch it. Yes, The Bolt Report will be back on screens Monday night. News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt had his program picked up by Sky News after it was dropped by Channel Ten last year. The once weekly program will now be nightly. Bolt warns:

“This is the most exciting time to be on Sky News talking about politics. But there are many other things to talk about that other shows don’t dare discuss frankly. My aim for the show: to be the place where arguments aren’t shut down but tested. I am into challenging opinions, not confirming them.”

What a great curtain raiser to Game of Thrones.

Peter Fray

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Rupert Murdoch had never had a US president in his pocket before Donald Trump landed there in 2016.

This week, we explored the relationship between the two men and why Murdoch should be held to account for the making of Trump.

Where do you start with dismantling the media empire that delivered us a phenomenon like Trump?

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