Apr 18, 2016

Rundle: the right’s guerilla tactics won’t win the culture war

Jennifer Oriel, good lord.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


There are two models of the universe. One that it expands forever, slowly winding down to a zero energy state. The other is it starts to contract, and as it does, time and events speed up until everything happens at once.

Thus, the universe of Australian conservatives. The hard-right slowly takes over the Liberal Party, just as the party’s social base becomes more socially progressive; Andrew Bolt ties on a bandanna and goes to war against The Australian; Tony Abbott hands out his books to random schoolkids like an Opus Dei Hare Krishna; the most recent high-profile speaker is flushed; the leader of the National Party is on track to lose his seat; the right’s most prominent climate denialist is binned by his constituents; Miranda Devine calls out colleagues as “delusional”, and, as the daughter of a News Corp lifer who writes about entitled elites, she should know. Their economic program in ruins, the right is reduced to guerrilla warfare, hiding in the undergrowth to attack the rear columns, such as Safe Schools — admittedly a dimwitted piece of cultural engineering masquerading as a tolerance program — and other flotsam of the current culture. It’s the strategy of a defeated movement that believe they will eventually emerge from the countries to march into the cities. They won’t. They think they’re Mao’s army, but they’re more like the FARC, squatting in the jungle, living off Rupert’s marching powder.

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9 thoughts on “Rundle: the right’s guerilla tactics won’t win the culture war

  1. paddy

    I’m confused Crikey. This reads like Rundle, but is under Cass Knowlton’s byline.
    Whoever wrote it, bravo!

  2. JennyWren

    I think it was Guy….

  3. paddy

    You’re correct JennyWren.
    It’s now appearing under Rundle’s byline in the daily email.

    Obviously still lots of angst, as the hamsters in the Crikey bunker are feverishly trying to keep the servers afloat.

  4. rhwombat

    Another Grundleism for the ages: Rabbott as an “Opus Dei Hare Krishna”.

  5. CML

    Guy…just had to have a bit of a go at Labor before the end of this article, I see.
    For your in information…the Labor front bench is far, far superior to the alternative. And you of all people should know that this is NOT a presidential campaign…or Turdbull vs Shorten scenario.
    Spending too much time in the USofA, perhaps???

  6. Venise Alstergren

    “Opus Dei Hare Krishna.” Inspired, thanks Guy.

  7. SpaceChook

    I wish to add to the “Opus Dei Hare Krishna” love. That is all.

  8. Venise Alstergren

    People like Oriel get a kick out of picturing a scenario, promptly they feel mortified and guilty about their reaction. To counter this, their mission in life becomes so strong they have to rush out and convince the collective genius of their own circle of mentally and mutually limited social sphere.

  9. Jim O'Pines

    Top notch bullshit detecting Guy

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