(photo: Wes Heather – Radio Announcer)

The member for Warringah is known for his interesting style choices (Speedos, up-turned collars), but he shocked punters this week with his daring move into the world of fashion with the “Colsi” making an appearance as he sung karaoke during the pollie pedal last week. A Colsi is a blue singlet with a white shirt collar. No one had seen much of the Colsi around before Tony Abbott was seen wearing one, and no one was more shocked at the former PM’s attire than the creator of the apparel.

Stephen Tully, the man behind the Colsi, told Crikey this week that the first time he knew Abbott had donned his “genius invention” was when he saw the story in the media earlier this week. He said it was a nice surprise, considering he didn’t think that many customers had worn it, yet:

“A happy customer had ordered a couple of Colsis like many are currently doing. Colsi had received an email back from this customer (which turned out to be [radio announcer] Wesley Heather) asking if one us could call him.

“I personally called Wes and during this call her he mentioned that he was entertaining Tony Abbott that night and was going to present him with the colsi.  At this point, I’m laughing! I’m saying things like ‘Mate … if you can do that, I need to see photos … I need proof!’  ‘I’ll certainly replace the colsi and get you more!’

“Because, I’m thinking to myself … ‘surely this isn’t going to happen’

“Come later that night, the colsi Facebook page gets a little red notification pop up.  It’s photos of Tony Abbott donning the colsi! And donning it well! ‘He’s done it!  Wes has bloody done it!!’ were my first words.  This has blown my mind … and I’m thinking ‘This is gonna be huge …'”

While it has led to a spike in traffic, Tully says he can’t throw in the day job just yet.