Apr 8, 2016

How to be Crikey’s editor

Which PM rang up Crikey and swore like a trooper? Which very high-profile News Corp writer told a Crikey ed: "the ABC is disgraced by your presence"? The trials and tribulations of one of the best jobs on the internet.

Marni Cordell — Former Crikey Editor

Marni Cordell

Former Crikey Editor

Former editor Jason Whittaker and current editor Marni Cordell cut Crikey’s 15th birthday cake


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13 thoughts on “How to be Crikey’s editor

  1. paddy

    Hail and farewell Marnie. You done good.
    All the best at BuzzFeed.

  2. Richard Hooker

    An entertaining, intriguing and tantalising piece with which to finish up, Marni – many thanks and all the best for your next position and beyond.

    Most elegantly and tastefully written, too, if I may say so with respect. Ever thought of working as a writer?

  3. Jack Robertson

    Great job, Marnie. And too classy to mention the no-doubt tedious mountain of unsolicited material you must have to wade through, too! Good luck in your new gig, and to the incoming editor, both caretaking and whoever gets the gig longer term. It’s a remarkable site.

    And I think we should start a game of Yes-No the Black Affair. Everyone gets one question:

    Q: Sophie, is it between a man and a woman?

  4. CML

    Good work, Marni! Crikey is indeed a treasure…sometimes fascinating, sometimes infuriating…but always there is something interesting.
    I wish you well in your new position, and welcome Cassidy…we will all try to behave for your first few weeks (I hope)!!

  5. John Newton

    Good luck Marnie and thanks for all the fishing.

  6. John Newton

    Oops I meant Marni.

  7. Elbow Patches

    Farewell and thanks for that story… I think it’s good to do this as it gives readers a more personal perspective and surely this is a way to encourage reader support.

  8. Kevin Herbert

    Nice work Marni…thanks.

  9. ian kemp

    Lovely article – and maybe you guys are of the wrong demographic, maybe too sensitive. If I had one of those stories, I would absolutely demand that it was true in every detail. And if so I’d publish it with glee – no morning sickness for me!

  10. ian kemp

    …which probably explains why I don’t work in the media!! Thank you Marni I have loved every minute and wish you very well. ps can your successor bring back the podcast 🙂

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