Is ABC Radio getting a makeover? A tipster says:

“Curious timing with a new MD about to start, but ABC Radio boss Michael Mason has just announced an expensive new layer of senior jobs, with occult titles like ‘Director of Transformation’. The only thing that’s clear to radio staff is the sight of dwindling program-making $$$ going up in smoke.”

A Director of Transformation is an ominous title — we asked the ABC what it meant and a spokesman told us:

“ABC Radio has made some changes to its Radio Executive team, as part of a phased development to put in place an agile leadership team which can respond quickly to the changes in the media landscape.

“The division’s 2020 strategy has identified more than 30 major projects over the next 2-3 years which will position ABC Radio as a leader in the digital audio space, while deepening its connections with linear audiences on all its networks.

“The structure includes the role of Head of Strategy & Transformation, which recognises what has been an acting role until now.  The role will direct major cross-divisional projects for ABC Radio and will be responsible for its overall strategic direction.”

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