How do young women see Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop? Intimidating but friendly, according to a profile published by puff-inspiration website The Footnotes today. The site is aimed at young women starting their careers, and the interview focused on Bishop’s work:

Bishop was awarded the power to head the Foreign Affairs portfolio just over two years ago, and the enormity of that power and duty make it hard not to be intimidated and equally fascinated by her portfolio, but more – with the woman behind the role.

She’s passionate about travel, a runner, a fashion icon and the first female to land the role in Australia’s history, but never mind that. Julie Bishop is focused on her job. And she’s been dubbed the most eloquent yet fiercely intelligent member of the Liberal cabinet.”

The Footnotes, which tells Crikey it’s an independent website that has been around for about two years, tried to drum up some exposure for the interview, which was due to go live yesterday. It was delayed until today because Bishop’s office had to approve the video that went along with the profile.

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