Yesterday we pointed out that we have it on good authority that the Department of Finance has some emails related to one “Terry Smith”, using the email This is the email address The Australian claimed member for Fairfax Clive Palmer was using to sign off on things for Queensland Nickel. It seems Terry has been busy. One tipster points out to us that the Pilbera (sic) email address had been used to register the now-defunct web address


The registration is tied to Palmer’s Mineralogy company, and his wife, Anna Palmer, was listed as the contact. A search for Peoplelinka reveals that Clive Palmer owns the trademark on Peoplelinka, which was filed in July 2014 and registered in May last year — well after Palmer was in Parliament. According to the trademark listing, Peoplelinka could be educational software or some online educational company to be established by Palmer. A potential post-parliamentary career for Palmer if he loses his seat the next election?

Speaking of Palmer, a tipster informs us the federal MP is also seeking to offload an “unfinished masterpiece” in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast, just outside of his electorate. The four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 95-acre property needs a lot of work to finish the main house. For that reason it has been described as “Da Vinci’s Gran Cavallo of Real Estate”. For those who fell asleep in art history class, that would be the horse sculpture Da Vinci was commissioned to build but never finished. The price for the incomplete property — with 20 car spaces — is $4.4 million.

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