Crikey writes: Re. “Media briefs” (yesterday). In our media brief on Gawker yesterday, we quoted and linked to a comment by Kotaku Australia editor Mark Serrels. He never gave the quote we attributed to him. Crikey didn’t recognise it was on a satirical website.

Stay in your lane

Denise Marcos writes: Re. “Treasurer down: how Turnbull’s ploy wrecked Morrison” (yesterday). Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has displayed arrogance by neither consulting nor advising Treasurer Scott Morrison regarding the early budget date. It was not only a lapse in political etiquette and disdain of process but another example of Turnbull’s blighted judgement. It also qualifies as a captain’s call.

Don’t you worry about that

Hank Doll writes: Re. “Department of Australia” (yesterday). I used to like listening to interviews with politicians, but that was in the time when they actually still made a vague attempt at answering questions.  These days the don’t even come close to staying on subject and most even ask their own questions.  Wouldn’t it be easier to give them a few minutes to speak their mind about what it is that upsets them, turn off their mics and let the journalist give his/her view on the items?

On clickbait

Paul Molloy writes: Re. “Why clickbait is killing Fairfax” (yesterday). Spot-on piece by Jason Murphy yesterday regarding Fairfax’s online decline as it pursues clicks over quality. Hasn’t deterred The Age today from exploiting the Brussels attack for clickbait. Surprised the teaser caption wasn’t “Best Bomber Ever?”.