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Mar 22, 2016

When will the government stop lying about the ABCC?

The government has consistently lied about the ABCC -- it didn't increase productivity and more workers died on its watch. Time for the facts.


Construction workers march in 2009 as part of a protest calling for the abolition of the ABCC

There was an interesting moment — well one of many — during the Prime Minister’s interview on 7.30 last night when Leigh Sales pointed out to Turnbull that his claim that the John Howard-era Australian Building and Construction Commission “improved productivity by 20 per cent” in the construction industry was inconsistent with the findings of the Productivity Commission.

What did the PC say about construction industry productivity? It examined the issue in its Public Infrastructure Report in 2014.

Productivity growth in the Australian construction sector has ebbed and flowed over the last 30 years. There was a significant increase in labour and multifactor productivity from 1994-95 to 2012-13. However, most of the improvement was concentrated in relatively short bursts spanning just a few years, including most recently in 2011-12.”

That year, 2011-12, is, of course, after the Howard-era ABCC was, in the words of the former ABCC head John Lloyd, “neutered” by the Rudd-Gillard governments. Mysteriously, productivity in the construction industry surged after the ABCC was “neutered”.

Turnbull dismissed the work of the Productivity Commission: “I think you’ll find that’s not right,” he told Sales. She pointed out she had the PC report right there on the table. “Well I’m sure you do,” Turnbull purred patronisingly. He went on to cite the reports of “Independent Economics that show there was an increase in productivity following the introduction of the ABCC”.

Independent Economics is what the firm Econtech now calls itself. Econtech was the bespoke modeller for the Howard-era ABCC and its work was lauded by Howard government ministers for proving the case for the ABCC. Except its claims about the former ABCC have been discredited.

In 2007, Econtech produced a report for the ABCC purporting to show a 9.4% surge in productivity in the construction industry due to the ABCC. But its methodology and data were badly flawed; in fact, the “surge” was 1.3%. A year later, an “updated” report was released by the ABCC from Econtech that quietly abandoned the claim of a 9.4% productivity rise. And in 2009, in a review of the ABCC by former Federal Court judge Murray Wilcox, Wilcox slammed the 2007 report, saying “it ought to be totally disregarded”.

In fact, as the Productivity Commission demonstrated, productivity in the construction sector under the ABCC was broadly flat but surged once the ABCC was “neutered”:


And where did Turnbull’s claim of a 20% rise in productivity come from? He appears simply to have invented that — it’s a figure more than twice as large as the Econtech claim that was demolished. The nearest number anyone can find to back up Turnbull’s claim is a recent report from the Master Builders’ Association, which claims productivity growth of 18.8% — but that report admits that only 11.4% of that can be attributed to “improved work practices”. Attorney-General George Brandis repeated the claim on Lateline, saying “when the ABCC was in operation productivity within the property sector increased — the construction sector, I should say, increased by 20 per cent. Since the abolition of the ABCC, productivity in that sector has flatlined”.

As the PC shows, in fact the exact opposite is true.

In his letter to the Governor-General yesterday, Turnbull referred to his actions as “promoting workplace safety through taking strong measures to deal with widespread and systemic criminality in the building and construction industry”.

Again, the opposite is true. Under the Howard-era ABCC, workplace fatalities in the construction sector rose from just over three per 100,000 workers to nearly five per 100,000 workers before falling again to around four. After the “neutering” of the ABCC, the fatality rate fell to just over two. Getting rid of the ABCC coincided with a significant fall in the number of workers being killed on building sites.

There’s another way in which Turnbull’s statement to the Governor-General isn’t true, as well. Despite the impression given by the government, and despite its Stasi-like powers, the ABCC isn’t an anti-corruption body; it has no criminal enforcement powers of any kind. The current iteration of the body, the Fair Work Building Industry Inspectorate, has no criminal enforcement powers and merely pursues civil penalty offences, and that won’t change under the ABCC. The ABCC has no remit to pursue “criminality in the building and construction industry” — that’s a matter for the police and other law enforcement bodies.

It’s almost as if the Prime Minister misled the Governor-General.

The rich irony of yesterday is that while the Prime Minister was declaring that he was prepared to go to an election on the issue of “criminality in the building and construction industry”, the CEO of the Australian Stock Exchange, Elmer Funke Kupper was resigning in response to allegations relating to a massive bribe to the head of the Cambodian regime, Hun Sen. And then there are the continuing revelations about the scandalous behaviour of the Commonwealth Bank in relation to insurance, and the open clash between business figures and the head of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission over toxic corporate cultures.

Given that corporate scandals can involve hundreds of millions of dollars, the lost life savings of tens of thousands of Australians or the vast destruction of shareholder wealth, you’d think ASIC would have the same powers as those proposed by the government for the ABCC.

In fact, the ABCC’s powers will far exceed those of ASIC. ASIC can’t direct you not to tell anyone you’ve been interrogated by them, but the ABCC can. You don’t have to disclose to ASIC matters covered by legal professional privilege or public interest immunity, but you do have to to the ABCC. You can claim legal expenses if you’re interrogated by ASIC, but not by the ABCC. And with ASIC, you can choose your own lawyer while being interrogated, whereas the ABCC picks your lawyer for you. And these sorts of coercive powers can be used by the ABCC as a first resort, with no external approval — unlike for ASIC.

Seems that when it comes to coercion and regulation and basic legal rights, what’s important for business people doesn’t apply to CFMEU officials.


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20 thoughts on “When will the government stop lying about the ABCC?

  1. tonyl

    When will the Labor Party make these arguments? Same as the lie concerning Labor vs NLP spending and taxing as a percentage of GDP.

  2. klewso

    … “How long will the Limited News Party be in government?”?

  3. Honest Johnny

    This is all about knowing what you want to do – dissolve both houses of parliament and inventing a case to support it. If Turnbull’s interview last night is anything to go by, the case to support it is flimsy at best. The opposition, the union movement, and smart journalists out there should use every hour of the long election campaign to expose the holes in it. For the average punter, however, a campaign for a ABCC (a what?) will be a huge yawn.

  4. bjb

    Well, knock me down with a feather – the LNP making up numbers to suit themselves, what a surprise.

    Almost everything Malcolm said about the NBN when he was Communications Minister has proved to be incorrect, they’ve been caught out and have had to admit that the costs they claimed for the Labor version of the NBN were just made up.

    Given the lies they told before the last election, you’d have to be a mug to believe anything an LNP politician says.

  5. AR

    What a pity that truth, accuracy & honesty are required in advertising and most commercial interactions with the mug punter except one field of ..err.. “endeavour”.
    The pollies specifically EXCLUDED and granted themselves immunity from any comeback for a career built on lies & deception, aided and abetted by mudorc and his minions.

  6. scot mcphee

    If they want to go after building industry corruption why don’t they go after developer donations to councils and the state party apparatuses?

    Oh yeah, right.

  7. Venise Alstergren

    HONEST JOHNNY: No flies on you. Not only does your hypothesis ring true, but factor in the man responsible for the Utegate scandal and there you have it… Our dictator PM.

  8. Norman Hanscombe

    More importantly, Bernard, when if ever will the Crikey Commissariat begin to follow the rules of logic and language which apply in educated circles outside of Crikey?

  9. wellsy32

    Excellent article BK, thanks. Been trying to find something similar in the MSM to no avail.

    I know the LNP and lying are synonymous but will the Toff be able to peddle such whoppers for the next 10 weeks?

  10. christine gibson

    When will the ‘Main Stream Media stop kissing Turnbull’s backside. If they don’t question the LNP about the facts and allow the lies to continue unchecked then what hope,has the average punter in knowing what is what come Election Day.
    It appears that the truth will be the first casualty in this election campaign

  11. bushby jane

    Possibly. Launceston’s the examiner has nicolic’s name in every headline, and it’s owned by Fairfax.

  12. CML

    Well said, Bernard! And those commenting above.
    If this election is going to be fought on ‘Who Do You Trust’, here is your answer!!

  13. CML

    Forgot to add…I did hear Brendan O’Connor, Labor spokesman, making many of these arguments on ABC News Radio today.

  14. klewso

    Of course then Limited News (with it’s reach) only has to quote these, their Limited News Party DIY figures, to circulate them to a wider audience – without question or research – that way they’re not wrong (simply quoting selected politicians who were wrong), just lazy, and the figures are out there for the voting masses.

  15. Itsarort

    The extraordinary powers of the ABCC juxtaposed with ASIC’s “lack of”, should be an hypocrisy blazoned across every media outlet in OZ. The fact that this isn’t the case should make the bells toll for thee.

  16. Jaybuoy

    Bill please promise an immediate Royal Commission into the banking sector..

  17. why0stop

    Great article, but I do believe it is the Australian “Securities” Exchange

  18. Dog's Breakfast

    I’m with Jaybouy!

    What a farce, and a mostly conniving or down-at-heel media.

    I was wondering where those productivity figures were coming from, as I had clearly read the Crikey reports that the PC had not found the same productivity that the LNP were quoting.

    So a friendly economics modeller came up with the figures.

    Go figure!

  19. GideonPolya

    The KOALition deception re the ABCC goes further than productivity claims. Abbott-lite, Abbott-in-sheep’s-clothing, lipstick-on-a-pig Malcolm Turnbull is putting forward draconian, grossly human rights-violating, union-bashing legislation on the basis of unspecified union corruption that can and should be dealt with by the police and better still by the police acting on the investigations of a non-discriminatory National ICAC dealing with ALL corruption. However the most egregious corruption in Australia is that of the pro-coal KOALition itself.

    Thus re climate change inaction in Plutocracy, Kleptocracy, Murdochracy, Lobbyocracy, Corporatocracy and Dollarocracy Australia, 350.org recently observed: “Despite more than two decades of talking, our climate is at a crisis point because our leaders have allowed themselves to be captured by the fossil fuel industry. Since the last elections the fossil fuel industry have donated more than $3.7m to the major political parties. In exchange, Governments have forked out more than $7.7bn in taxpayer subsidies to the industry — more than our total foreign aid budget. That equals a return on investment for the fossil fuel lobby of more than $2000 for every $1 they donated. If our politicians are serious about climate change, then they need to stop taking money from and giving money to the big polluters. That’s why we are calling on politicians on all sides of the aisle to stand up and sign the Pollution Free Politics Pledge” (see 350.org, “Pollution-free politics”: https://campaigns.350.org/efforts/pollution-free-politics ). If it were India, Indonesia or China it would be called gigantic, entrenched corruption.

    Decent Australians who value human rights will utterly reject the utterly corrupt, climate criminal, war criminal, human rights-abusing and child-abusing KOALition, vote 1 Green and put the KOALition last.

  20. Norman Hanscombe

    A fae more relevant question, Bernard, is when will you stop misusing words such as “lying”.
    Just look at the increased confusion you’re causing among your devoted followers.


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