Mar 10, 2016

Turnbull says the right things on Muslim relations, but culture of fear remains

Yes, Malcolm Turnbull is much better at reaching out to the Muslim community than Tony Abbott was. But there is still a long way to go.

Shakira Hussein — Writer and academic in multiculturalism

Shakira Hussein

Writer and academic in multiculturalism

Malcolm Turnbull’s visit to the Islamic Museum of Australia and his meeting with the Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) this week marked another stage in his campaign to reset the federal government’s relationship with Muslim communities after the low ebb reached during Tony Abbot’s prime ministership. The ICV withdrew from a meeting with Abbott in 2014, after Abbott’s comment about the need for migrants to join Team Australia proved to be just one dog-whistle too far.


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3 thoughts on “Turnbull says the right things on Muslim relations, but culture of fear remains

  1. AR

    People emigrate because, for reasons they deem adequate, they think they’ll have a better life … elsewhere than their motherland.
    Whether it was the 19thC ‘huddled poor..” to the USA or post WWII Italians, Greek & ‘displaced persons'(shades of crisis du jour Syria), with few exceptions they acknowledged that the “old ways” were the problem.
    To posit “the pressures facing Muslims living in Australia” is proof that the ‘old ways’ are not fit for purpose in the 21stC West.
    Other immigrants shed their failed social systems, why can’t they?

  2. Ken Lambert

    Dear oh dear, I find myself agreeing with AR..

    Interesting how we are regularly regaled with identity politics from Shakira, but Crikey never runs a spokesperson for the Buddists, Taoists, Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Jews, Christadelphians etc questioning its relationship with the Australian Govt.

    Maybe its because none of those religious groups have members who threaten violence on the host population in the name of a supernatural deity.

  3. Rais

    Turnbull’s calmer approach is a relief for Aussie Muslims after the shouting from Abbott and his claque. Most Muslims in Australia just want to get on with life, get along well with the neighbours and keep well away from events in war zones. Shouty bigots using the Cowards’ Castle of Parliament to impugn our loyalty and question the very safety of having us in the country of our birth – about 40% of the Muslims in Australia were born here and many of us go back generations – distract us from getting on with life and put us under pressures that most other Australians don’t have to experience. Indigenous Australians excepted. Australia is my home and while I enjoy visiting neighbouring Muslim majority countries I’m always happy to get home to my own relatives, friends and colleagues. Turnbull’s more intelligent approach to his Muslim fellow countrymen enhances that feeling of being glad to come home.

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