Mar 8, 2016

Happy Feminist Christmas, brought to you by our corporate masters

Our foremothers who marched in 1907 would probably not be overwhelmed by the feminist progress of ANZ, David Jones and Unilever.

Helen Razer — Writer and Broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and Broadcaster

If you’re unfamiliar with International Women’s Day, perhaps the best shortcut to understanding is to think of it as Feminist Christmas. For many years on March 8, groups of people with little in common have congregated, made agonising efforts not to yell at each other and then completely drank away the memory of the holiday’s origin story — now believed by many not to be the fight for dignity in toil, but unhindered publication of nipple shots on Instagram.


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8 thoughts on “Happy Feminist Christmas, brought to you by our corporate masters

  1. gwen

    Thank you Helen! Finally! Finally, finally, finally! Someone who can see dung beyond the luxury glitter coating, and call the progression of this day for what it has become – “… far less a moment to address our noblest potential and much more a way to sell women pointless shit.”
    Your closing remarks really does hit the nail directly on the head,
    “…this brief ecstasy comes at the cost of sponsorship by the very institutions that ensure material inequality.”
    …and don’t get me started on the underwhelming #equalfuture ANZ campaign. Whoever let that one go out to market ought to be stabbed with a blunt instrument. It doesn’t, at all, identify how giving their professional women a top-up on their super-contributions links to the narrative of the young girls calling out the unequal of access to education and opportunities. Sorry – yes, I realised that I just got myself started on the ANZ campaign.

  2. Dog's Breakfast

    Yes, IWD might regret the day that they decided to take ANZ on board.

    I find the ads somewhat execrable, partly because I am an analyst and hate statistics used in such a meanderingly obtuse way, but also because I have a daughter who is so far beyond this stuff that it appears antiquated at best, and probably demeaning.

    Big corporates are the problem, not the solution

  3. Peter Darco

    There is no doubt that women in the Western cultures that I know, are not treated equally in many areas.

    The questions I have never answered is why mothers have not tackled this as they bring up the next generation of boys.

  4. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    Nice one Peter; blame the mothers. In fact, look at your first sentence – it may provide the answer to your second sentence.

  5. AR

    I am constantly grateful that I do not have a TV.

  6. Norman Hanscombe

    AR, I am grateful that I witnessed only one ‘feminist’ pantomime today.

  7. CML

    I am in my very late 70’s, female and a feminist!
    Further…what is all the fuss about? I have been a feminist since I was seven years old…that was the only way I could survive being raised with three brothers, in the bush.
    This came about after my brothers and I were playing ‘William Tell’ with dangerous bows and arrows we had secretly made and hidden down on the river flats (so don’t blame my parents here…I never have). Guess who had to be William Tell, with a pie melon on their head?
    The upshot of this story is that I lost my right eye that day…yes the arrow missed the pie melon, and went straight into my eye…sorry for the graphic detail.
    Anyway…as a result of this event, I resolved NEVER to be told what to do by a male ever again. I have lived by that credo, and my wonderful husband has adjusted accordingly!
    Just get on with NOT settling for second best…but be nice about it!!

  8. John Henry

    ” Guess who had to be William Tell, with a pie melon on their head?”

    Nice rant CML, but it was n’t William Tell who had the pie melon on his head. It was his son. William Tell shot it off his son’s head. And it was a cross bow, bot your standard bow and arrow. So you would have had to play the role of his son.


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