Mar 7, 2016

Disruptive, yes, innovative, no: NBN leaks bruise Turnbull

The NBN has not exactly been a roaring success for the Coalition, with new leaked documents showing NBN is still costing fibre-to-the-premises.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


It’s clear there will be an ongoing leaking campaign from within NBN in the lead-up to the election, with someone inside the company determined to expose issues with the project PM Malcolm Turnbull commanded for two out of the last three years.


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17 thoughts on “Disruptive, yes, innovative, no: NBN leaks bruise Turnbull

  1. klewso

    Turnbull – proving it’s only a stumble from NBN to PM?

  2. James O'Neill

    I had a phone call last week from someone representing NBN conducting a survey. She seemed genuinely surprised when I said there was no sign of NBN in my street, let alone to my premises. She double checked the address. I live in Brisbane and NBN seems to be no more than an expensive pipe dream for delusional politicians.

  3. Jaybuoy

    The carefully cultivated cult of Turnbull needs to be smashed.. six years of polishing the product and plotting revenge and this it.. nothing…ffs..

  4. Peter Darco

    My son is planning to move to Dunedin in New Zealand. They have gigabit broadband.

    How is Australia taking more than a decade to build a NBN to yesterday’s standard?

    Is that Turnbull’s exciting future?

  5. Graeski

    So either way, the Australian public gets screwed over again. Either the current strategy continues and we end up with a second-rate, antiquated piece of junk (which is all the mixed technology model was ever going to be) delivered years after we need it, or we have to spend billions of dollars back tracking to the original plan (once again wasting years as Australia falls further and further behind the rest of the world, thus undermining any chance of becoming the ‘innovative’ economy Turnbull promised us).

    The Liberal party’s rabid anti-NBN stance was always driven by ideology rather than technical, or even commercial, concerns. Now we all pay the price for their blindness.

  6. bjb

    The relentless focus on cost per premises shows the LNP knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing. The NBN is a national infrastructure project, if done right, would have a 50 year or more lifespan.

    Malcolm is promising 25Mbps, where other countries with FTTP are getting 10Gb i.e. 10,000Mbs. We could too if Turnbull and Abbott hadn’t destroyed what the NBN could have been. Turnbull’s legacy will surely be the person who wasted 10’s of billions of dollars on a complete white elephant.

  7. JennyWren

    Pity we can’t sue him. He could probably afford to fix it!

  8. tonyl

    I know of one holdup in the roll out due to a lack of copper cable. That’s right , they are laying new copper cable.

  9. Norman Hanscombe

    Sadly this is still a far too challenging matter for emotively-blinkered devotees of all varieties of ideological faith.

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