Mar 3, 2016

How two Ballarat schoolboys took on a paedophile Christian Brother

In the dead of night, two schoolboys decided to take on a predator.

Dan Wood — Associate editor

Dan Wood

Associate editor

Peter Blenkiron holds school photos of himself taken as a student in grade six. He was abused by Brother Edward Dowlan in 1974.  


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5 thoughts on “How two Ballarat schoolboys took on a paedophile Christian Brother

  1. Jaybuoy

    The massive cover up of all these disgusting acts was a conspiracy designed solely to exclude George Pell..

  2. Peter Darco

    It looks to me as if the Catholic Church does not have a high opinion of the intelligence of the faithful.

  3. zut alors

    It’s difficult to make waves within a cult but at least these brave boys made a ripple.

    One wonders what would’ve resulted had such a letter been sent to Pell accusing one of his brothers/clergy.

  4. mikeb

    I was a child of those times and attended catholic schools and was an alter boy. Although I was never exposed to any improprieties I did hear rumours. To my knowledge however there were never any complaints against any of the clergy or teachers that I ever crossed paths with. That’s not to say that there might not have been a problem at my schools, but I think that the times meant that kids were unlikely to be believed even if anything did happen. Another tragedy of all this is that all those men are now under suspicion, even if they had never done anything wrong. Ironically the only serial predator I knew of was a teacher at a state school. The parents actually warned their children to make sure they were never alone with him. My best friend was molested by him although he never revealed that till many years later. Times have changed, but maybe if people had made a stand back then there might not have been a problem now.

  5. AR

    After 4 days of being sliced & diced, slowly and with precision, Pell has to convince us of what he didn’t know, and when he didn’t know it.
    It’s rare to find agreement in scripture but Mark:9.42, Luke:17.2 and Matthew:18.6 seem to cover his problem.

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