Mar 2, 2016

No laughing matter: editorial cartoonist jobs go as print slashes and burns

Fairfax has let two of its editorial cartoonists go. Is this the beginning of the end for the artform?

Myriam Robin — Media Reporter

Myriam Robin

Media Reporter

Pity the editorial cartoonists. First they lost Tony Abbott and his budgie smugglers when the first-term PM was rolled by Malcolm Turnbull. And then last week came news that Fairfax’s regional papers had axed two of the nation’s senior cartoonists. It’s another blow in an industry cartoonists say has been contracting for a long time.


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7 thoughts on “No laughing matter: editorial cartoonist jobs go as print slashes and burns

  1. Martin Musgrave

    That is so sad. I have always loved Peter Lewis’s cartoons. He was funny, fair and balanced. Such a shame to see him leave The Herald.

  2. paddy

    Bloody hell. Lewis and Broelman both gone.
    That’s seriously sad news.

  3. Norman Hanscombe

    Surely you realise, Myriam, that with what passes for political journalism having become the joke it is with most media outlets, there’s no need for cartoonists?
    That’s why Crikey doesn’t have a resident cartoonist.

  4. Draco Houston

    RIP Broelman.

  5. AR

    Wilcox & Moir are the only bits of the SMH that offer any insight or information.
    The machine generated verbiage on the rest of the pages?
    Not so much.
    The puzzle page, esp Zits & Non Sequitor, is fun.

  6. Norman Hanscombe

    One of the many disadvantages suffered by the emotively blinkered, AR, is that of not realising how much valuable information can be contained in material which doesn’t pander to the readers’ political prejudices.

  7. P Rigby

    ” Crikey used to, but after The Guardian poached First Dog on the Moon, we replaced him ”

    As much as i don’t like him, it would have been interesting to get a comment from that mange ridden flea-bag mongrel on this issue. But where is he?…over at that lefty institution on guard duty rounding up the sheep, no doubt..getaway back!!!…getaway back!!!…come back now!!!heel..heel!!

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