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Mar 1, 2016

Rundle: Trump, beloved of racists, destroyer of worlds (and parties)

Donald Trump will sweep most of the Super Tuesday primaries -- and blow the Republican Party to smithereens.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


With Super Tuesday almost upon us, and the prospect of decisive and sweeping victories for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, it might be a good moment to stop the Vegas malarkey and not mention that I’m writing this in a strip club that serves 25 flavours of daiquiri slushie, and turn our attention to what the hell is actually going on. This may not be as composed as such things should be, because reality currently is not.

To the raw politics first: in the 11 states in play for the Republicans on Super Tuesday — Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Minnesota, Vermont, Massachusetts and Alaska, Donald Trump is on track to win all but Texas, and possibly Arkansas. In Texas, Ted Cruz is leading by about 10 points, which may be enough to keep him safe. And he may challenge Trump in Arkansas. But that’s it. Barring upsets, Trump will sweep the rest of the board. The contests are still proportional (though it’s complicated in Texas), so others will amass delegates, but the psychological effect will be phenomenal.

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24 thoughts on “Rundle: Trump, beloved of racists, destroyer of worlds (and parties)

  1. Saugoof

    I am 100% convinced that Trump doesn’t actually want to be president. At least he has no interest in doing the work of being president. All he wants is the ego-boost that comes from the confirmation that he’s the most important person in the world. So he doesn’t care what he says to get votes and certainly doesn’t care about not being able to follow up if he won the job. The only goal is getting there, screw whatever happens later.

    Pity about the rest of us.

  2. andrew strobel

    So, in Oz, we worry that some senate hopefuls are “gaming’ the voting system, whereas, in the USA, millions of frenzied racists are promoting a charlatan for POTUS – i like our problems

  3. paddy

    Magnificent work Guy.
    Now then…It’s probably a good time to fire up the batmobile and get out of Vegas, before some Nigerian Princess offers you her bank balance and hand in marriage.

  4. AR

    This is no longer weird, it’s gone beyond that – it’s like the vibration & cacophony of breaking the sound barrier, thereafter is soundless and smooth as clotted cream.
    Given the comparison which AndyS makes, I wouldn’t be averse to a similarly tectonic shake-up here.
    Small point grundle -not sure what is meant by “..sub-movements of despite and fantasy” – was it simple typo/auto correct for ‘spite and..’ or “desperate fantasy”?

  5. john jeffery

    The choice is racism similar to Australia with Trump or World War 3 with Hillary. The War parties are itching to go against Russia in Syria and the Ukraine. What has Russia done wrong??

  6. Eric Vigo


    “before some Nigerian Princess offers you her bank balance and hand in marriage”

    at least he can get divorced 30 minutes later. Bliss!

  7. archibald

    despite = contempt or disdain

  8. AR

    Vigo – I don’t quite see our very own E.J. Thribbs as Adrian Mole in his Cappuccino Daze.
    Our Man in Grundle is into sterner stuff.

  9. Jaybuoy

    The Kardashian candidate..it was inevitable..Trumps rise is the purest demonstration of the influence of social media and notoriety on what passes for a political process..It’s a form of mass hysteria..

  10. AR

    Archie – a “sub movement of … fantasy”, clear as a bell but “contempt/disdain”?
    Of… whom/what, “an accumulated set of resentments at a changing world,“?

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