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Feb 29, 2016

Access to Fifield’s diary denied

Who has been meeting with Communications Minister Mitch Fifield? His office says the public does not have the right to know.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


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13 thoughts on “Access to Fifield’s diary denied

  1. Norman Hanscombe

    If you and Dreyfus agree, is that a prima face case for doubting your story?

  2. Sue Miills

    heh heh..”metadata” it is indeed. Hoist by their own petard

  3. paddy

    Never give up the fight Josh.

  4. Jaybuoy

    The dead hand of Rupert may uncovered..visits from trusted emissaries perhaps..

  5. Warwick Tweedie

    Only those with something to hide try to bury it.

  6. klewso

    “String Theory” – who do you reckon’s pulling his?

  7. CML

    Warwick@4…My sentiments exactly!
    Since when did an employer (the voter) NOT have access to the work related activities of an employee (elected politician)?
    Fanciful nonsense!

  8. zut alors

    The more they know about us the less we know about them.

  9. Graeski

    Well then, may we assume a la Brandis, that only those with something to hide, hide?

  10. Peter Darco

    ” could damage “close working relationships” between the minister’s office and agencies such as Australia Post and NBN.”

    This seems to be the core problem. If we knew who the Minister met that could undermine the value of the meeting and indeed discourage further meetings.