Feb 25, 2016

Civil liberties be damned: meet the new chair of Parliament’s national security committee

Labor says Andrew Nikolic is too right-wing to be an effective chair of the security committee. Are they right?

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


He’s an Iraq War veteran, he’s worked in the Defence department, he’s an Abbott loyalist, and he wants to give national security agencies all the powers they want. He decries the “left-wing commentariat” and “serial individual rights spruikers” who are concerned that he wants to have civil liberties suspended. Meet the new head of the powerful Joint Parliamentary Committee on Intelligence and Security: Liberal MP Andrew Nikolic.

Nikolic is expected to be appointed to the chair of the committee today, filling a vacancy left by former chair Dan Tehan’s promotion into the ministry in the most recent reshuffle. Tehan was viewed mostly as an effective bipartisan chair of the committee, despite his public advocacy for the government’s national security measures. The committee he has chaired since the election has made more than 100 recommendations about the several tranches of national security legislation that have passed through Parliament during the Abbott-Turnbull era.

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11 thoughts on “Civil liberties be damned: meet the new chair of Parliament’s national security committee

  1. klewso

    There’s his Officer Class : and then there’s “grunts”?

  2. Dog's Breakfast

    Unbelievable. What next, Cory Bernardi appointed the Chair of the “Freedom and Religious Thought” (FART) committee.

    Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does.

    Some forensic questioning there. “And so Dracula, have you been given sufficient access to the Blood Bank?”


  3. Dan Carney

    For the full back catalogue on the life and times of Andrew Nikolic MP:


  4. Venise Alstergren

    Is there no end to the amount of hard right-wing Catholics the Liberal party has anoint to important positions? Will no one rid us of these meddlesome and would be priests?

    And Malcolm Turnbull says the reason for his becoming a catholic was to honour his wife, Lucy. Balls. Malcolm Turnbull the prodigious liar.

  5. Jaybuoy

    Khaki election anyone.. clownshoes must gobsmacked .. A Turc/Terror election coming to a polling booth near you soon..wasn’t that the reason we were glad to see the arse end of il-gelitino in the first place..how long do you reckon before Supamals doing pressers at ASIO .. he might even be able to squeeze the pollie pedal in before the election..

  6. CML

    Isn’t rendering citizens stateless illegal under International Law?
    What is this very nasty man going to do with the people he renders stateless, pray tell? Lock them up somewhere? Wait a minute…haven’t we tried that in different circumstances already….that worked well, NOT!!

  7. MAC TEZ

    Thanks for that link Dan Carney @#3, seems like Nikolic makes a habit of chucking a wobbly.
    I’m no Tehan fan but Nikolic will make Dan look moderate and yes…even bipartisan.

  8. Operational Matters

    CML: “Isn’t rendering citizens stateless illegal under International Law?”

    Probably, but if the last fifteen years have shown anything it’s how little regard most politicians in general and those on the Right in particular have for antiquated notions like the rule of law.

  9. Norman Hanscombe

    The world moves on, Joshua, but the failure of you and your camp followers to comprehend only mildly demanding concepts such as civil liberties remains as lost in an intellectual quagmire as ever, doesn’t it.

  10. klewso

    Brough, Robert, Nikolic – “Go Nad’s Army!”

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