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Feb 23, 2016

Turnbull duped us with his promise of a respectful govt

The government's position on tax reform has turned into a debacle, one entirely of its own making. First, we wasted several months debating the GST. Although it's true that Labor co

The government's position on tax reform has turned into a debacle, one entirely of its own making. First, we wasted several months debating the GST. Although it's true that Labor conducted a very successful scare campaign against raising the GST (which had Coalition backbenchers in fear for their seats), the reality is a GST rise was never going to offer substantial economic benefits to justify the political pain -- something Treasury eventually confirmed to the government, leaving it with a policy vacuum. Labor has boldly filled that vacuum with its negative gearing and capital gains tax proposal. Today's Essential Report, published by Crikey, shows more support than opposition for Labor's proposal -- but a big proportion of voters remain to be persuaded either way. Now, Turnbull and Scott Morrison are determined to persuade voters their way, by running their own scare campaign. In doing so, Turnbull looks an awful lot like the man he replaced as Prime Minister, rather than the statesmanlike-figure he led us to believe he would be, who treats the electorate with respect and engages in proper debate. Meanwhile, the government is all over the place on other areas of reform. Bracket creep -- much like the famous "budget emergency" -- has gone from an imminent threat to Australian prosperity to a minor problem in the space of a few days. The Prime Minister either is or isn't considering changes to capital gains tax -- it depends on whether you ask him in question time or elsewhere. And the government may or may not be considering a proposal to gut compulsory superannuation. This is not what you promised us when you defeated Tony Abbott, Prime Minister. In fact it looks a lot like the government you replaced.

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10 thoughts on “Turnbull duped us with his promise of a respectful govt

  1. klewso

    MT “Lipstick on the Pig” government.

  2. AR

    Most sane people would have preferred a cardboard cutout to the Abbottrocity as PM and the palpable relief at his removal was proof.
    Nobody, apart from the churnalists & stenographers of the Peanut..sorry.. Press Galley, thought that Talcum Bullturn would do anything other than serve Mammon but it turns out he’s not even much cop at that.
    That cardboard cutout option is looking better & better, given that the current alternative is gumBoil Shlernt.

  3. Dog's Breakfast

    Whereas Abbott was able to pull off the attack dog mentality, but nothing else, Malcolm can’t, and just appears out of his depth trying to drum up a scare campaign.

    I’ll give you a tip Malcolm, it’s always easier to sell if you believe it yourself, and the message doesn’t contravene your own underlying knowledge and character.

    You’re just coming off as a spiv, a used car salesman with a rustbucket behind you.

  4. Jaybuoy

    Supmal’s staring to look like Mitt Romney doing a Clownshoes impersonation..

  5. Raaraa

    It’s a fair criticism, but I’m curious to know who wrote this editorial piece.

  6. MJM

    I completely agree. Calling what we are being fed as a “tax debate” is an abuse of language. There is no debate – just some items that could be related to tax being said to be on the table and then having seemed to have disappeared.

    Add to that Morrison’s woeful performance last week, both at the Press Club and in follow-up “interviews” and it’s no wonder that the Lib polls show support is dropping.

    This government continues to be a content-free zone.

  7. CML

    Crikey…all true! And about time we were offered a little truth on Talcum Malcum.
    Will the next editorial continue in the same vein? How about a few TRUE words on the Greens and Xenaphon’s grubby little deal to disenfranchise 25% of voters in the Senate elections from here on?
    If that is Talcum’s idea of democracy…I don’t want any part of it! Stinks to high heaven!
    I would like the cross-bench Senators to know that: “I may disagree with everything you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”… (Don’t know who first said that, but they were absolutely correct).

  8. schnaxxl

    how duped?
    it’s the same government

  9. rhonaj

    CML it was Voltaire.

  10. JohnH

    Unless we see significant changes before the next election it would seem that Malcolm is like Tony Abbott in that he wants the power of PM but has no real idea of what to do with it now he has it. A double dissolution will confirm that his political assassination of Tony Abbott was a vacuous grab for power and nothing else. Australia needs and deserves better than this.

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