The Nauruan government has announced stricter conditions for asylum seekers and refugees at the regional processing centre on the small island nation. Even though the Republic of Nauru’s Twitter account claims that refugees are not living in detention and are free to move around, the updated government gazette released on Monday shows that detainees at the centre are far from free. Residents and visitors to the centre are subject to search on arriving and leaving the centre and visitors must be approved:

All persons and vehicles entering the Centre are subject to screening, frisk search, bag checks and vehicle searches upon entry and exit;

9.4 Visitors must be approved by the Government of Nauru, ABF or a service provider manager, and be escorted at all times;”

The release also says that all incidents of violent behaviour will be reported to police and that everyone has a responsibility to report such incidents. Residents are also banned from “any form of exchange or bartering” in the centre, including “the provision of gifts or any material goods or favours”. Residents could be banned from the internet for a month if they breach a rule that requires them to: “respect local people, property and their culture at all times. Persons residing at the Centre must not use inappropriate language, behave or dress inappropriately or solicit when interacting with the community.”

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