Feb 17, 2016

Infrastructure policy challenge has been laid bare — and voters won’t like it

A major new Infrastructure Australia report shows just how difficult the challenge of getting infrastructure right is, especially in transport.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Mark Birrell

While most attention will focus on the project priority list released today by Infrastructure Australia, the accompanying Australian Infrastructure Plan is a landmark reform document, signalling that there’s a new source of credible, independent economic reform advice within government.

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17 thoughts on “Infrastructure policy challenge has been laid bare — and voters won’t like it

  1. Amark

    Prediction – Nothing will happen

  2. Norman Hanscombe

    Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see more Politicians [and Capitalist media entities] making decisions despite the threats from non elected ‘eltes’ who nowadays wield so much influence?

  3. mike westerman

    Amark – worse: existing infrastructure will continue to fall apart while nothing else happens. On one level, why should change happen when the best we can come up with is a report that blindly follows the “privatise, privatise, privatise” mantra? If the message was “stop obfuscating true costs with hidden subsidies and so called commercial in confidence clauses” then we might be going somewhere.

  4. Ian Brown

    Infrastucture Australia – as is our custom, another national technical institution headed by a lawyer / ex-politician. Surely we can do better?

  5. bushby jane

    IA was supposed to be an independent assessment body when set up I thought, but seems to me to be not so independent any more.

  6. Salamander

    What’s “independent” nowadays? Even the Greens have started caving in.

  7. IanG

    Is their verification that this is not an, as yet unused, script penned by Rob Sitch? Sounds just like the sort of thing that Jim or Rhonda could come up with.

  8. Graeski

    Privatise, privatise, privatise – of course, privatisation is the cure to every economic ill. The magic wand that simply needs to waved over any problem to effect a miracle.

    So who buys the shares when our wealth, our assets – yes, today they’re owned by the Australian government in proxy for you and me – is sold off? Who gets to lock up all future profits for their own personal benefit? The wealthy in our society, of course. The parasites.

    Everything that this government or any organisation remotely linked to this government ever does – EVERYTHING – has the one simple aim of making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer.

    Don’t trust them. They’re thieves.

  9. Frank Johansen

    Hear hear, Graeski. Whats the bet that the only piece of that report Lord Waffle of Wentworth will seize upon is the bit about selling off his crappy, third rate NBN.

  10. Norman Hanscombe

    If you were more on the ball, Frank Johansen, you’d understand that Turnbull is intellectually and ethically so far ahead of his Chattering Class critics that they’ll still be running when the proverbial cows come home.
    You’d be doing yourself a favour were you to concentrate on improving your English Language skills.

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