Synergistic promotion. Wonder why your friendly local News Corp Australia tabloid is offering Dr Seuss books with every copy? It’s just the type of offer to get you to part with a buck or two extra for your kids or grand kids, and from what Crikey can see the books are selling out. Luckily for News Corp, Dr Seuss is published by HarperCollins, which is also owned by News Corp. So no doubt News Corp Australia got a good price on all those books it is now selling cheaply to encourage the purchase of more copies of the struggling tabloids in the empire.

The latest circulation audit figures show that Rupert’s tabloids didn’t have a good year last year with sales sliding all over the place. For example, sales of the Monday to Friday editions of the Daily Tele in Sydney fell 6.5% last year, while the Courier-Mail in Brisbane slipped 5.6%. In Adelaide, the Advertiser lost 7%, in Melbourne, the Herald Sun shed 6.7% and the Mercury in Hobart lost 4.6%. The NT News seemed to have it figured out though -- up 0.4%. -- Glenn Dyer