Feb 15, 2016

Lockout laws working so well in NSW Queensland wants to get on board

You know the NSW lockout laws, the ones that have killed Sydney's nightlife and are in the process of being repealed? Annastacia Palaszczuk wants them for Queensland.

Alex Mitchell — NSW politics correspondent

Alex Mitchell

NSW politics correspondent

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has chosen the anniversary of her first year in office to launch a do-or-die assault on binge drinking.

She has staked her leadership of a minority Labor government on persuading crossbench MPs to pass lockout laws to stop the service of alcohol in pubs and clubs after 2am.

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7 thoughts on “Lockout laws working so well in NSW Queensland wants to get on board

  1. Keto Vodda

    “the NSW lockout laws, the ones that have killed Sydney’s nightlife”

    Do lockout laws result in lower spending on alcohol?

    So what happens to that money? Is it spent on food and clothing? Is it part of long term savings?

    Does the reduced expenditure on alcohol improve the financial state of some of those on social security benefits?

  2. Norman Hanscombe

    Keto, we have to accept that no one is serious about tackling this issue because it can’t be done without risking the ire of influential ‘elites’ of all varieties.

  3. zut alors

    After another swathe of drunken violence in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley last weekend this hardly needs debating.

  4. David Hand

    Turning Brisbane into the country town that Sydney is fast becoming is inevitable because it’s popular with people who don’t go out. They sit at home watching TV being scared by lurid stories on Today Tonight. And these people vote. People who go out to the Cross or Fortitude Valley tend not to vote.

    An adjustment is going on and is only partway there. Reductions in A&E cases at St. Vincent’s are clearly true but the lock out laws have affected business at all hours. People just don’t go to the Cross any more. But where do they go? If you think the lock out laws have ushered in a new culture of temperance, you’re dreaming.

    And the one punch attacks continue. There was one at Cremorne McDonalds at 11pm on Australia day where a bloke spent 5 days in hospital with concussion.

  5. AR

    Legalise dope, violence would virtually vanish.

  6. drsmithy

    Still nobody is interested in trying to look at root causes.

    As anyone who has spent time outside the Anglosphere knows, it’s quite possible to have civilised late night cultures that involve drinking.

  7. Unitary State

    This is the nanny state going into overdrive.

    Aussies have become so used to not working hard, not facing any learning curves and not tiring – we are destined to lose our dignity, our liberty and our future – and hardly anybody is going to even be aware of it and get upset about it.

    as a society we have become excessively obsessed with pleasing people we don’t like by flaunting fakeness through debt that masquerades as wealth to provide a facade over our insecurity. We are not aware of anything regarding the entire world around us and realise the fact that every single year, we are losing more and more of our rights.

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