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Feb 12, 2016

What happens if I get Zika virus?

Should we all freak out about the Zika virus? Crikey intern April Dudgeon gets out the Aerogard and finds out.

Aedes Aegypti mosquitos, which transmit dengue fever and Zika virus


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2 thoughts on “What happens if I get Zika virus?

  1. wayne robinson

    “Ecologist Sarah Fang, among many others, believes…”

    ‘Believe’ isn’t the appropriate word to use here. Belief means the acceptance of something as being true without any evidence. Unless what is meant is that Sarah Fang doesn’t know whether eradicating won’t have any negative effects (mosquito larvae are also fish food) and is happy for all mosquito species to be eradicated, not just the ones that like biting humans and are capable of spreading human disease. And then to await the results.

  2. AR

    No species of insect has ever been eradicated/rendered extinct by human agency.
    For an ‘ecologist’ Ms Fang is remarkably insouciant, or maybe just dumb to be so intensely relaxed/ignorant about one of the main planks of ecology – species are like the screws holding a plane’s wings on, how many can be lost before the wing falls off.
    That is the reason (apart from the obvious military & public health ones)small pox is sleeping happily in several cryogenic facilities across the world.

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