Feb 12, 2016

Freedom Boy flying the coop?

Freedom Boy, coming to save an electorate near you! (If you live in Melbourne's south-east.)

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


Should a high-profile, taxpayer-funded Human Rights Commissioner be doing the numbers for preselection for a sought-after federal Liberal seat while still receiving his hefty government pay cheque?

Reports suggest that Tim Wilson is currently engaged in “World War III” against Alexander Downer’s daughter Georgina for the safe Liberal seat of Goldstein, now that its current member, Trade Minister Andrew Robb, has announced his retirement at the next election.

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12 thoughts on “Freedom Boy flying the coop?

  1. Norman Hanscombe

    I would have hoped, Joshua, that you’d be more supportive of a Party which wasn’t simply making preselection decisions on the orders of a couple of Power Brokers based in Canberra.
    I’m certainly an optimist, aren’t I.

  2. sang froid

    Public servants usually have to resign once they declare their political allegiances. However, from what is described above, this guy has a very public background in Liberal affairs. We are justified in being perplexed how and why he was parachuted into this job in the first place. I would not wish to be a Goldstein elector of conservative inclination, only to be presented with two Liberal hacks – especially one of the Downer dynasty.

  3. mr hump

    Thank goodness we are doing away with this quaint idea that local members should live locally. In this globalised world shouldn’t local members be able to live overseas as well? I would like to be able to live at Otres Beach in Cambodia and be the member for Cairns. The best of both worlds, but do I have to belong to the Liberal Party to do this?

  4. graybul

    Dear Lord, a choice . . . . A Downer offspring versus Tim will-spring. Never mind, good burghers of Goldstein’s wellspring will love either.

  5. zut alors

    If Wilson decides to run it’s because he’s looking longer term & imagines he’ll be PM one day.

    Otherwise why forfeit an overpaid job as a Human Rights Commissioner on $322K for a career in the House of Reps on a base salary of $195K?

    The only other reason to run would be if Wilson’s conscience finally gets the better of him & the realisation dawns he’s genuinely not a Human Rights Commissioner despite efforts to impersonate one.

  6. AR

    Timmy reckons he’s entitled to travel business class – there’s that word again which I thought Smokin’ Joe had tarnished for ever.
    Or up untol he was forklifted onto the pointy end of the plane heading for Washington DC.

  7. David Hand

    “Should a high-profile, taxpayer-funded Human Rights Commissioner be doing the numbers for pre-selection for a sought-after federal Liberal seat while still receiving his hefty government pay cheque?”

    Yes of course.

  8. AR

    No surprise – “yes of course” in OneHand World, despite the clear prohibition of seeking office whilst in a position of benefit under the Crown.
    One might imagine Timmy is feeling guilty about the ludicrous $300K+ salary or being such a piss weak advocate but more likely is looking to future.

  9. David Hand

    So you’re saying that public servants are banned from seeking office unless they resign? First I’ve heard that and it seems oppressively undemocratic to me.

  10. CML

    Who cares? No matter who is anointed in Goldstein, we will still only get another putrid Lib politician, which the country could well do without!
    The current lot are the bitter end…get rid of them all, I say!

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