Feb 11, 2016

‘There’s no heroes here’: the price paid by foreign correspondents

Journalists risked their lives to tell the West about the rise of Islamic extremism. And nobody cared. Foreign correspondent John Martinkus reports.


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4 thoughts on “‘There’s no heroes here’: the price paid by foreign correspondents

  1. bushby jane

    Well done and thanks for this fine article, John.

  2. paddy

    Thanks for this John.

  3. RachelP

    Such a poignant and sad article. Unfortunately the truth is an inconvenience in such matters and a carefully crafted narrative makes it easier for everyone to pretend atrocities aren’t committed by our noble governments and patriotic military. It is much easier to believe that the world is simply made up of goodies and baddies and that our moral ground is irrefutable.

    Chin up to John and keep writing the truth – there are many of us who listen.

  4. Kevin Herbert

    Thanks John Martinkus.

    The US MSM and it Aussie servants in the form of the ABC, Fairfax & the Guardian, definitely serve up geopolitical tosh day in day out.

    I recently had a friend email me to report that she’d discovered who was responsible for the Syrian disaster, and of course it was Putin & Al Assad. After I brought the Odid Yinon Plan etc to her attention, she realised just how far the US State Department propaganda had penetrated the public consciousness.

    The Kremlin’s launch of a global cable TV channel to allow dissident US & European commentators a public platform for the first time since the US MSM was nobbled by the Wall St banksters & their fellow neocons, has been a policy masterstroke.

    If you want to see 1970’s style authentic journalism, check it out.

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