Feb 10, 2016

Whoo boy, trade agreement to save Australian business a whopping … $150k

The government's "analysis" of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is sloppy and embarrassing -- and actually confirms that there will be little benefit for Australia.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

The lack of credible analysis of the impact on the Trans-Pacific Partnership on the economy was on vivid display yesterday when Trade Minister Andrew Robb tabled the agreement to which the Turnbull government secretly agreed in October.


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19 thoughts on “Whoo boy, trade agreement to save Australian business a whopping … $150k

  1. Bob's Uncle

    “..they are entitled to that point of view but the fact is that nothing that would come out of an inquiry would satisfy them.”

    Does anyone else read this as an admission that the Productivity Commission would confirm no substantive benefit to Australia from the TPP?

    And this is the party who in opposition demanded CBA’s for pretty much everything Labor did, right?

    This would be laughable if it didn’t involve a significant weakening of our national soverignty.

  2. mike westerman

    Hasn’t it been ever thus…there’s more lies told about the benefits of trade than any other subject in economics IMHO! Interesting tho’ that at present it’s trading nations like Indonesia, Australia and China that are getting slaughtered, the latter being encouraged to develop more domestic consumption, taking away investment from the export sector.

    And all the while the fiercest opposition to the movement of people we’ve seen in recent history – moving speculative currency around, OK, shipping plastic crap around, OK. Letting people relocate out of poverty, NOT OK.

    Confusing fellows, or just confused!

  3. David Hand

    No, Uncle, it means what it says. Which is that lefties will oppose international trade irrespective of the facts and global experience.

    Global experience has overwhelmingly demonstrated that international trade promotes economic growth. Island economies that are closed to international trade do poorly. China is the best demonstration of the huge benefit of international trade. Australia is a trading nation and would be severely hurt by trade restrictions. One of the reasons that the EU is in such strife is its increasingly ridiculous tariff and customs barriers to trade.

    The TPP is a straightforward agreement that lowers trade barriers and will be good for Australian exporters. Of course that hasn’t stopped the left in every country in the TPP including the USA opposing it on the grounds of protecting local jobs. The left can only see evil corporations benefiting.

    Tell me something new.

  4. danger_monkey

    Uh, no David, It means what Uncle was saying.

    Want to prove otherwise? Show me the strongly positive economic analysis.

    Oh wait, there isn’t one.

  5. klewso

    If this band of usual suspects is so inconsequential, what’s wrong with opening his swag to give us all a look at what he’s got inside?

  6. Chris Cathel

    “…China is the best demonstration of the huge benefit of international trade.”

    I think I know where you are going on this. The lack of labour laws, slave labour, vast environmental pollution, suicide rates in factories, massive corruption of local and regional government – these are the other necessary factors before Australia can benefit properly.

    Lucky I am close to retirement.

  7. David Hand

    Actually I was thinking about 500 million people lifted out of poverty but such details are irrelevant to left wing warriors.

  8. AR

    I cringed in embarrassment for poor befuddled Robb last week in PMQ when asked a Dixer about the multiple benefits of the TPP – he stumbled and blundered then began to get his stride and told the Nation of the glorious overfulfilled exports of…”beef tongues’.
    Yesterday the “Treasuer”, in response to yet another Dixer, regaled us with the rivers of gold pouring into the country’s coffers from the beef trade (apparently doing just dunk-hory sans TPP).
    Is this is rilly, trooly the best they can proffer?
    BTW OneHand, your delusion is showing with “the left in every country in the TPP including the USA opposing it on the grounds of protecting local jobs.” – in the Benighted States the nearest to Left is the Teabaggers.
    Working conditions in the West in general have been under concerted threat & erosion since the woeful 80s ThatcheRaygun voodoo economics as each country joins in the race to the bottom.
    Enjoy fighting for crusts & crumbs that fall from the Overlords’ tables.

  9. Paul Kennelly

    Robb’s political career has had one purpose and one purpose only – the destruction of the unions. He has always believed that this was the way to permanently destroy Labor’s capacity to mount political campaigns against the conservatives. If Australia’s industrial capacity has to be destroyed in order to achieve this aim, then so be it. The trade “deals” he has negotiated have had his purpose in mind.

  10. zut alors

    And having done the deal Robb is about to cut & run. Smart move.

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