In season 5 of meth tragedy Breaking Bad, Lydia, the avaricious business lady, knows what needs doing. Profits are failing, and she must restore her product to the blue-sky standard. When Lydia offers the lab a Heisenberg-trained cook and is refused, she passes her henchmen a look. They act. Lydia puts her fingers in her ears as shots are fired, and with hands over her eyes, she makes her way on heels over the bodies of the wretched men she ordered dead. Lydia knows what needs doing; she just doesn’t want to know that it’s been done.

If you don’t understand why I’ve been spending time with Walter White again, then you haven’t been watching the news. In recent months, it’s taken on an unbearably obscene dimension. Reports of the rape and botched abortion of a woman in Nauru and the rape of a boy in Nauru are themselves obscene. They become unbearably so when government representatives explain that these brutalised victims of Australian policy haven’t been raped as badly as initial reports imply.