Feb 8, 2016

UN panel the choice of the West — until it sides with Assange

Western countries are normally happy to invoke the authority of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention -- until its inconvenient ruling on Julian Assange.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

What happens when the UN panel that you previously thought was excellent produces a verdict that you don’t like?


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16 thoughts on “UN panel the choice of the West — until it sides with Assange

  1. Norman Hanscombe

    That no one has deemed this ‘news’ item worth analysing, it’s to be hoped that the Crikey Commissariat won’t take too much longer to realise they’ve taken a dead horse to their water hole, so perhapas they should stop beating it.

  2. zut alors

    How ironic to hear Julian Assange described as ‘a fugitive from justice’ when the term is better applied to the Swedish prosecutor, Marianne Ny.

    More accurately described as the dormant Swedish prosecutor bearing in mind an aversion to actually pursue Assange despite his willingness to be interviewed via video or at Ecuador’s embassy. If anyone is dodging justice it is Ny. Why?

  3. CML

    zut…perhaps because she doesn’t have a winnable case against Assange? Or any case, for that matter!

  4. Chris Cathel

    The “Five Eyes” need to stick together. So the UK cannot take an intelligence stand that is too different from US interests.

    Assange is collateral damage.

  5. Norman Hanscombe

    Chris, the real collateral damage is to the Swedish and other Justice Systems as Assange uses any ruse to avoid facing the original well-documented charges.
    Had it not been a beloved of the P.C. Tooth Fairy Brigade dilettantes he’d have faced the courts long ago, wouldn’t he, because not even the Crikey Commissariat Censor could have shielded him this long.

  6. Fred E

    Note the difference:

    “… Burmese regime’s ongoing detention of Aung San Suu Kyi” under “house arrest”

    “… Alan Gross, who spent several years in a Cuban jail”

    Whereas Assange chose his place of residence to evade arrest under a warrant for questioning on a charge – a warrant that had already been appealed and confirmed by the courts. This “opinion” appears to ignore and attempt to over-ride the findings of the British judicial system.

    This is a precedent no-one wants to set in stone.

  7. Marilyn Shepherd

    Fred, he sought asylum from being rendered to the US for torture, that was established a long time ago as fact.

    Why do the facist rump in Australia think that doing whatever we like is our right?

    Ny started a bogus case after Assange had been approved to leave Sweden because he committed no crimes, it’s about time the facist rump got that.

  8. AR

    Marles lives up to his name – MARLE, a slurry of clay & calcium carbonate, the crushed & pulverised remains billions of ancient of invertebrates, any one of which would have been a better Shadow Immigration spokesbot.

  9. Norman Hanscombe

    Fred E, you’ve raised such an obviously clear point it’s obvious why the P.C. devotees of ‘noble’ causes pretend to not notice it.
    Is it any wonder perennial apologist the former anonymous Sea Shepherd Poster is dodging it. Thank providence her flock has so little support from voting Australian Citizens. To be fair to her of course she has no idea what common bonds she has with the sort of “fascist rump” she’s constantly bleating about.
    As for anonymous AR, he maintains his constant standard of showing how poorly his primary school teachers handled his education.

  10. MJM

    I am not surprised by the Marles response. When the Assange case first came to prominence PM Gillard made a statement that I thought was pre-judging the matter and somewhat too pro-USA for an Aus PM to be making. So I sent her an email saying how I disagreed with her and why.

    Got a response – so a tick for that. But it was from then Attorney-General Robert McClelland and was an as opaque a communication as I have ever read. Weasel words galore – even Don Watson would have been amazed that so many could be fitted on to an A4 page.

    Assange rattles all their cages.

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