Feb 8, 2016

Shush your bleeding-heart ‘moral lecturing’, Immigration tells doctors, state premiers, lawyers

Doctors, premiers and the Human Rights Commission all begged the government to allow 267 asylum seekers bound for Nauru to stay. But the government is not for turning.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


Michael Pezzullo

Department of Immigration secretary Michael Pezzullo has said the government will not give in to "moral lecturing" from doctors, lawyers, churches and state governments that have pleaded to allow 267 asylum seekers bound for Nauru to stay in Australia. Last week's High Court decision upholding the government's framework for offshore detention for asylum seekers who seek to get to Australia by boat means that 267 asylum seekers, including 37 babies and 54 other children, currently in Australia for medical treatment could be sent back to Nauru any day now.

Refugee advocates, churches, doctors and the Human Rights Commission are just some of those pleading with the government to allow the asylum seekers to stay in Australia. Over the weekend, the Labor premiers of Victoria and South Australia, Daniel Andrews and Jay Weatherill, both told Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that their states would be willing to accommodate and pay the costs for the asylum seekers to stay in Australia. ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Liberal premiers Mike Baird (NSW) and Will Hodgman (Tasmania) have also called for the asylum seekers to stay.

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28 thoughts on “Shush your bleeding-heart ‘moral lecturing’, Immigration tells doctors, state premiers, lawyers

  1. klewso

    And so he should. Who’s running these dungeons?

  2. paddy

    The sheer bastardry is breathtaking.
    Hypocrisy and cruelty above and beyond the call of duty.
    Thanks to the fact that the Internet never forgets, some years down the track, Pezzullo will probably regret today’s performance.
    I certainly hope so!

  3. Grumpy Old Sod

    Our own little Eichmann. We can hold our heads high knowing that now we are mixing it with the big boys.

  4. cairns50

    is this man a public servant who is there to follow what an elected govt dictates or does he see himself acting as a politician carry out public policy as he seems fit?

    if hes doing that he should resign

    his day will come anyway when hes charged with crimes against humanity

  5. Fiona Brooke

    Trying to force refugees back to where they came from is despicable. They fled because they feared for their lives. We should hang our heads in shame at what we are doing. And Pezzullo and his like should be before teh Hague to answer for crimes against humanity

  6. drsmithy

    “No amount of moral lecturing from those who seem unable to comprehend the negative consequences of an open borders policy will bring forth those solutions. There is no compassion in giving people false hope.”

    Why are officials making these sorts of deceitful comments not immediately sanctioned ?

    Nobody is asking for “an open borders policy”.

  7. tonyfunnywalker

    This is an unelected public servant not a dictator — the culture of the Department is known to be doctrinaire but this outburst Pezullo has overstepped the mark. It would appear that Morrison has created a monster which has now moved beyond the realms of good and responsible governance into some sort of a wartime footing autocracy. This will not make public opinion go away –all that it has done is to galvanise the thought that cruelty and illegality is acceptable. At the end of day they are a public servants and public opinion counts — in a democracy anyway if not in Canberra.

  8. Jaybuoy

    Once we let these Ministers and their apparatchiks hide the truth behind “On water matters” we were always headed to the position we now find ourselves..ill informed accessories to whatever crimes are being committed..

  9. John Newton

    Oh it’s alright then it was only a seven year old who raped a five year old.

    My God. Who are these people? Public servants or public slaves?

  10. Dogs breakfast

    Would it be too cynical of me to imagine that the leak came from very high up and may have been just another part of the theatre, and approved with a nod or a wink from the higher ups?

    Would it be too naive of me to think that they are already re-settling refugees from Nauru at a reasonable clip, and won’t be returning these refugees, and also not disclosing it on the basis of ‘operational matters’?

    Both are possible, but perhaps not equally likely.

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