Feb 5, 2016

‘An embarrassment or a disaster?’: journos weigh in on the gladiatorial interview

Kerry O'Brien says journalists these days are going for shock tactics, rather than eliciting information. But is that a bad thing?

Myriam Robin — Media Reporter

Myriam Robin

Media Reporter

“You’re a politician in federal Parliament these days,” Today host Lisa Wilkinson said to Clive Palmer on live TV this morning. “Is it fair to say your stint has been at best an embarrassment and at worst a disaster?”

“You fall asleep in Parliament. You often don’t bother to turn up. Your so-called Palmer United Party has imploded. You betrayed the faith of everyone who believed in you. What do you think the average Australian voter thinks of you right now?”

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19 thoughts on “‘An embarrassment or a disaster?’: journos weigh in on the gladiatorial interview

  1. klewso

    I reckon “news” is more about the politics and egos of the prima donna media hacks, using their positions to edit and present it.

  2. klewso

    Jill Singer hasn’t noticed the Sweet and Sour nature of Sales – along party lines?

  3. zut alors

    I would place Mike Willesee (from his current affairs show on Nine years ago), Laurie Oakes & Kerry O’Brien high on the list of premium political interviewers – none are gladiatorial.

    Perhaps that’s because their focus is/was on their subject rather than presenting themselves as the star performer.

  4. Kevin Herbert

    Wilkinson is just another hack, whose journalism credentials are mundane to say the least.

    Her aggro toward Palmer was amateurish, and clearly ratings orientated.

    Sales is another lack lustre hack, whose interviewing style appears to be driven via her earpiece.

    Proving that I don’t judge interviewers by their genitalia, Australia’s el primo live segment interviewer is Sarah Ferguson, who deftly manages to pin the talent down with facts, not sensationalism. Her dismantling of the very capable Christopher Pyne’s media disposition on the 7.30 Report a while back, was masterful. At the interview’s end, Pyne looked like a rabbit confronted by a cobra…and Ferguson had done nothing more than refuse to accept his talking points.

  5. Myriam Robin

    Hi Klewso. You might be interested to know Jill did give me some comments about how some pollies got off lighter than others. I felt they didn’t fit the flow of the story.

  6. zut alors

    Excuse the oversight, Sarah Ferguson is the relative newcomer to that premium list. Why Sales scored the 7.30 gig is a mystery.

  7. John H

    bravo Lisa Wilkinson. Finally someone has called out Palmer for the buffoon he is. Among other achievements, he has singlehandedly destroyed the Coolum economy (and not just his Coolum resort). He has wrecked Sino Australia business relations through his poisonous dealings with China’s CITIC in WA. His syphoning into PUP coffers of virtually all the Qld Nickel cash has led to its collapse. As if the buffoon will recontest the seat of Fairfax. The constituents loave him with a passion.

  8. Venise Alstergren

    The best interviewer on Oz TV has to be Sarah Ferguson.

    One of her absolutely fabulous interviews was when Christopher Pyne was patronising towards her. Oh that she should have Leigh Sales’ job. I used to watch her every night.

  9. michael hassett

    A pretty disgraceful performance by Wilkinson. I don’t watch the Today show and if this is any indication of what it’s like, I doubt I ever will. BTW, I’m no fan of Palmer but if you’re going to interview him, then ask some intelligent questions. Oh sorry, I forgot – this is commercial TV.

  10. Woopwoop

    There’s no point in asking intelligent questions – all you get in reply are “talking points”. Remember when Leigh Sales asked Tony Abbott about the economy and the answer was “We stopped the boats”?

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