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Feb 3, 2016

Witness K must be freed

One of the most startling cases of a government using the fig leaf of “national security” to protect its own interests is happening right before our eyes -- and it should have Austr

One of the most startling cases of a government using the fig leaf of “national security” to protect its own interests is happening right before our eyes — and it should have Australians up in arms.


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14 thoughts on “Witness K must be freed

  1. Jaybuoy

    And for his duplicity the abhorrent Downer was appointed Australian High Commissioner to the United

  2. AR

    No matter which pale shade of government, it always acts in the same way, crushing those they can.
    The Rodent went after the Customs airport whistleblower & bankrupted him, Labor praised him in the 2007 manifesto and promised redress & reform then did neither.
    Now we have BruderFarce, voted in with bipartisan support, just like the meta data & mass surveillance laws.
    Quel bloody surprise.
    Whoever you vote for, government always wins.

  3. James O'Neill

    Jaybuoy, it gets worse. Downer authorised the bugging, which ultimately benefited Woodside Petroleum. When Downer left politics he joined the board of Woodside.
    One of the most outrageous aspects of the current blatant abuse of power is the silent complicity of the Labor Party.

  4. Jaybuoy

    “Well, they didn’t have to sign the treaty, no one forced them to,” Alexander Downer, Australia’s Foreign Minister from 1996-2007, now says of Timor-Leste.

  5. AR

    JO’N – aye, there’s the rub,whether it is meta data, mass surveillance, security state, WTF?!?!”the silent complicity of the Labor Party“.
    Even Richo said, on 2GB, of bumBoil Shlernt & Talcum, “I wouldn’t feed either of them but one is gonna be PM at the end of this year.”

  6. CML

    Just a question…would it be possible for Witness ‘K’ to give evidence by video-link from Oz? Or is this not allowed by the international court?
    James O’Neill, do you know?
    Also, what (if anything) can the Labor Party do right now, from opposition, to help this case? Was this travesty in the public domain while they were in government? Don’t remember hearing anything about it until last year.

  7. James O'Neill

    CML: The ICJ held in the Tadic decision (25 June 1996) that evidence can be given by video link when two condiments are met:
    1. That the evidence is sufficiently important; and
    2. That the witness is unable or unwilling to travel to The Hague.

    That decision was affirmed in the Delalic case in 1997.

    In the present case, both condiments are met in respect of witness K. he is clearly important to the East Timor claim; and the Australian government by withholding his passport makes it impossible for him to travel to The Hague.
    One could make a case that the Australian government is attempting to pervert the course of justice, and it is certainly obstructing it.

    As to your second question, the Labor Party could start by making a fuss so that people are alerted to this travesty. And yes, it was around when they were in government. Remember that the bugging was done on Downer’s watch, and that was under the Howard government.

    As to whether they will or not, don’t hold your breath.

  8. James O'Neill

    Whoops, line 2 should read “conditions” not condiments.

  9. zut alors

    Depicted as enemies of the nation in the 21st century are those who attempt to deliver the facts & tell us truths.

    Meantime the incompetent with a bad memory who presided over the Australian Wheat Board scandal now presides over receptions at Oz House in London. As our representative, no less.

  10. klewso

    “Julie Bishop has been such a good Foreign Minister.”???

    How many of the present government were members of that party of buggers? Now they’re covering their own arses. A bloody disgrace.

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