Jan 28, 2016

Seven spoils Pearce exclusive as simulated dog sex nets a cool $60k

There's big money in photos and videos of sports stars in controversial acts, as Myriam Robin and Glenn Dyer report.

If one hangs out with football stars, there's a strong incentive to keep a mobile phone handy, after phone footage of Roosters captain Mitchell Pearce pretending to fuck a dog sold for $60,000 yesterday. The video, taken on a mobile phone on Australia Day in Sydney, features an apparently drunk Pearce trying to kiss a woman, who rejects him saying she is a lesbian. The football star then picks up her small dog and pretends to thrust into it, before the woman takes it off him. Pearce then urinates on some furniture. He was this morning stood down. Crikey understands The Daily Telegraph and Channel Nine split the cost of the video, with News Corp paying $40,000 while Nine paid $20,000. (It's a fairly good price for that kind of footage. Back in 2014, it was widely reported that News Corp paid $210,000 for explosive images of the James Packer and David Gyngell punch-up.) The video was set to air on both outlets after 7pm. Presuming Diimex -- a media content exchange -- had the standard agreement applied to the deal, it took 25% of the amount paid by the media companies ($15,000), and whoever produced the video pocketed the remaining $45,000. For Nine and News, however, it was only a partial triumph. Shortly before either one could tell their viewers a thing about the scoop, Channel Seven had the story. Diimex, the same agency that sold the Packer/Gyngell photos, had been shopping the video around that afternoon, and it had been seen by many people within both News Corp and Nine. The agency hadn't offered the footage to Seven (which doesn't have the NRL broadcast rights anyway), but reporter Josh Massoud got wind of it. Enough people had seen the video which meant that with a bit of calling around, Channel Seven had the story, leading its news bulletin with the lewd affair. While Seven News didn't have the footage, it was able to describe what was in it and who it involved, spoiling the story for its rivals. Minutes later, the Tele posted an online story on the development, telling its readers it would release the footage at 7.30pm. Nine's A Current Affair, meanwhile, aired the footage at 7pm.

Regardless, A Current Affair still managed the biggest audience, despite getting the story second. Sydney's Seven News had 234,000 viewers, to A Current Affair's 323,000 Sydney viewers.

Still images from the video grace the front page of the Daily Tele this morning. The paper took the time to place a black bar over the face of the dog, presumably to spare the dog's reputation. The Courier-Mail showed less concern for the canine ...


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8 thoughts on “Seven spoils Pearce exclusive as simulated dog sex nets a cool $60k

  1. klewso

    “Go, the Doggies!”

  2. klewso

    Aren’t you glad we didn’t have all these ‘phones that take pictures’ when we were young?
    How fortuitous for our tabloid msm how times have changed?

  3. zut alors

    That poor dog should be wary of consorting with footballers, it’s liable to catch fleas.

  4. AR

    Zut – I’d be more worried about Fido catching a communicable disease.
    It would be nice to think that he might catch distemper.
    But, seriously, the most important question, even more than canine consent, is whether the dog was male or female?

  5. Electric Lardyland

    Yes, now that young Mitchell has a bit of time on his hands, maybe he should start working on a memoir. I suggest the title: I Can Jump Poodles.

  6. zut alors

    Congratulations Lardy, surely you deserve the award for Best Crikey Comment Financial Year 2015-16.

  7. AR

    [email protected] koala stamp.
    Extra points for not suggesting, “I Can Hump Poodles”.

  8. Electric Lardyland

    Aww, zut, the year is only young. I’m sure that I can slide further into the gutter sometime in the future.

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