On the national anthem

Jock Webb writes: Re. “Tips and rumours: a very confused Australia Day” (yesterday). George Christensen would appear to be a nong and a drongo. I sang the old version of Advance Australia Where in primary school in the early sixties. The second verse then was:

“When gallant Cook from Albion sailed,

To trace wide oceans o’er,

True British courage bore him on,

Til he landed on our shore.

Then here he raised Old England’s flag,

The standard of the brave;

With all her faults we love her still;

Brittania Rules the Waves.

In joyful strains then let us sing

Advance Australia fair.”

Our current second verse was the third. A quick look will show that the now second verse was included upon Federation, so it has been there as long as Australia has. Then again he is a Queenslander, and their loyalty is always suspect. It does show what a nation of hypocrites we have become and what a garbage anthem it is. Unsingable in the most commonly used key and the words are pap. Away with it. I Am Australian or the 2000 version of My Island Home knock it into the weeds. The Christensen Version comes from the last (fourth) verse and clearly warns about foes which refugees are not. By this goose’s standards God Save the Queen should state “May he sedition hush and like a torrent rush, rebellious Scots to crush, Great George is King”. Where do they get them?

On a republic

Adrian Jackson writes: Re. “Crikey says: time to grow some republican balls” (yesterday). The PM is sensible in saying he does not want to lead a campaign on a republic as the previous vote he led was soundly defeated by Australians. 13 million Australians voted and 1 million more supported the status quo with a majority in every state (and the NT) supported the “no” vote in 1999. Only the ACT supported the Yes campaign of the elitist and celebrities. As far as the premiers support is concerning they will  be out of parliament in 10 years, if not sooner, and the name of this years Australian of the Year will be a distant memory. Can anyone name an Australia of the Year from recent years off the top of their head, other than Rosie Batty?