Jan 27, 2016

From hipsters to racists, everyone suffers the ‘idiot reflex’ of outrage

From whiny Millenials to crotchety old racists, everyone's on their own witch hunt.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

About a decade ago, I finished up a stint of bar work. I left when the boss sobered up sufficient to stop paying us all twice the award as he had accidentally been, but also at about the time our young patrons had started to behave like Presbyterian grandparents.

The first time a kid asked Rosie, our barmaid-of-a-certain-age, for a sulphite-free white wine, she told him to fuck off twice — once for speaking publicly about a food allergy and once for ordering white wine, which we did not serve. “This’ll put hairs on your chest,” she said, and passed him a Kentucky whiskey.

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22 thoughts on “From hipsters to racists, everyone suffers the ‘idiot reflex’ of outrage

  1. AR

    Perhaps the best response to proclamations of ‘difference’, with the concomitant ‘offence’, is “So?”
    If one chooses to withdraw from prev agreed areas of community, little things like eating, then it is incumbent upon the proclaimant to shoulder the inconvenience to normal discourse.
    Certainly not the community, who may be doing just fine without such botheration.

  2. Liamj

    Coupla things going on, imho. In part, blame the tools, ie. social media. There is no significant consequence or blowback for joining a digital witch hunt, so increasing numbers of people are using virtual hate as a means of excreting their bile.

    What is underlying it, and this includes the corporeal complainers, is the desperate search for membership and rank within a tribe, that nearly everybody is engaged in. Its hard to be a ‘conscious eater’ if my chosen cafe doesn’t sell glutenfree cakes. If some coastal artist disrespects my nationalist idol, then thats an opportunity to prove i’m a bigger patriot than bazza from qld in my chosen digital crevice/fb page. We’re all so damn homogenous and the illusion of individuality is so embedded in consumerism, i don’t see any relief from this.

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