Jan 27, 2016

From hipsters to racists, everyone suffers the ‘idiot reflex’ of outrage

From whiny Millenials to crotchety old racists, everyone's on their own witch hunt.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

About a decade ago, I finished up a stint of bar work. I left when the boss sobered up sufficient to stop paying us all twice the award as he had accidentally been, but also at about the time our young patrons had started to behave like Presbyterian grandparents.

The first time a kid asked Rosie, our barmaid-of-a-certain-age, for a sulphite-free white wine, she told him to fuck off twice — once for speaking publicly about a food allergy and once for ordering white wine, which we did not serve. “This’ll put hairs on your chest,” she said, and passed him a Kentucky whiskey.

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22 thoughts on “From hipsters to racists, everyone suffers the ‘idiot reflex’ of outrage

  1. mike westerman

    I am grateful that the number of dickheads has not burgeoned to the point of a Sedition Act and cyber squad for social media as is the case in my current reside to the north of Oz. Mind you as oil revenues evaporate and economic tensions rise, there is some support for the social theory that the masses tolerate dickheads only so long…

    Thanks Helen for your surgical critique…always refreshing

  2. BaBr

    Sorry, but this Millennial-bashing really is old and tired now. If you fucken rock, someone else’s white wine couldn’t possible stand in your way! If you know how to do it, just do it.

    one of the things even more annoying than constant whining, is this constant whining about how young people are such whiners.

    When *we* were young, we were strong and mighty and [poverty/working in the mines/war/famine/full-strength beer/dirty jokes] was just a normal part of our lives! But these whining brats nowadays are so spoiled and pampered, they can’t even deal with [poverty/working in the mines/war/famine/full-strength beer/dirty jokes] anymore.

    Same old story over and over again, since the fucken days of Socrates. Yes, the next generation is incredibly *soft*, which is why the world is going to hell in a hand basket. But we better get used to the idea: because *their* days are coming, and food allergies are here to stay, and they won’t go away before *we* kick the bucket.

  3. ken svay

    I hate Australia Day as well but I noticed very few cars with fucken flags on this year.A mate in Perth barely saw any either. Did the dickheads all stay home?

  4. zut alors

    The ‘[email protected]’ sign would ensure I give the cafe patronage in future.

    And I judge it an accurate renaming of 26th January.

  5. Amark

    Sign deliberately written to outrage and get social media hits does just that

  6. Peter Evans

    Nothing will eclipse the “Happy Father’s Day, Mother Fuckers” sign at Eat Peach back in the day. Brunswick’s finest, RIP.

  7. AR

    We are now seeing the result of the last 30 years which the Wanker Brigade spent trying to pretend that we are all equal, a’la Life of Brian.
    For those who can still read may I recommend Vonnegut’s “Welcome to the Monkey House”?

  8. Bronwyn Hazell

    “”If You Can’t Fucken Rock, Don’t Fucken Come”. When a millennial complained that the sign was not “inclusive”, I knew that I had become old and confused.”
    – When I read that I literally cackled with laugher, drawing attention of my fellow patrons of my local hipster cafe. I’m on the cusp of Gen X and Y, perhaps I am old and confused before my time.

  9. AR

    KenS – nah, ‘fraid not, they are thick (sic!) on the ground west of the GDR.

  10. Norman Hanscombe

    Clearly, Helen, you’d dismiss me as a dinosaur in that I’ve repaid moneys I knew weren’t moeally mine. I also developed the habit as a youngster of writing Englishh without needing to prop it up with expletives or crass comments, which may well also arouse your suspicions?
    I note your need to inhabit bars where it was expected you’d be insensitive, although I doubt Hemingway shared that need. I don’t doubt foe a moment that, as you say, you “had become old and confused”, but it probably happened long before what you assumed was your epiphany.
    On the plus side, it certainly prepared you for the Crikey Zeitgeist, didn’t it, and it’s equally clear that Mr Chun is suitable as a Crikey “journalist”.
    When one of my Great, Great Grandfathers hunted whales off Bermagui they’d have been less gentle with their comments about any laddies who sprouted the sorts of nonsense attributed to Mr Chun than was the Bermagui Chamber of Commerce President; but men were somewhat less dainty in their emotional needs than now seems to be the case, and they’d have been able to do it without the crutch of the kinds of poor quality language used by Mr Chun.
    You conclude with an apt paragraph admitting, “What (you) make of a society in which we continually impose our own limits on speech, (you’re) not quite sure. Full marks for that if nothing else.
    Finally, to help enraged Crikey Land Fellow Travellers when the Censor decides to pass this Post, please do your best to address the matters I’ve actually raised, won’t you.

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