Tips and rumours

Jan 22, 2016

Tips and rumours

The census will keep your data ... shuffling the deck chairs at News ... Australian Open's sponsor not welcome ...


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8 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. Norman Hanscombe

    Your opening ‘sentence’ about, “All your names are belong to us” was apt, in that much of what followed it was about as good as the opening’s grammar; but we shouldn’t expect too much from Crikey, should we.
    Apart of course from the Crikey Commissariat Censorship Team, which is almost always busy at doing what it doesn’t do well.

  2. John Newton

    You’d need the Hubble telescope to find Edward Mandla’s brain.

  3. bushby jane

    Not all your input is up to scratch either Norman, people in glass houses and all that.

  4. Norman Hanscombe

    I’ve often asked for people of your ilk, bushby jane, to provide an example of mine which is worse than whatever I’ve criticised on that thread; but the opening is still there for you to be the first, so carpe diem.
    John Newton, it’s quite possible YOU would have such a problem, but even among the Crikey acolytes there aren’t many who’d find it as difficult as you apparently do, so carpe diem probably isn’t the term to apply to you, is it.

  5. hhcrikey

    “All your base are belong to us” is popular culture quote lifted from a video game circa 1991.
    Rather dates you, Norman… 😉

  6. Norman Hanscombe

    Anonymous hhcrikey, I probably led a much less unsophisticated life than you and I certainly didn’t play video games where the standard of English was as low as your quote, “All your base are belong to us”. That it could be seen as something which “Rather dates you,” hh is minor, however, compared with what your effort says about your ability to analyse material more challenging than, say, pumpkin scone recipes.

  7. Tinatoerat

    Keep up with the times: “All your x are belong to us” is a catchphrase which has been recognized for at least 10 years.

  8. Norman Hanscombe

    Since two of my Posts are still being held up by the Crikey Commissariat censorship Team, anonymous Tinatoerat, it’s understandable that you’ve made this comment; but IF, after you’ve read them you still want to talk about the need to “Keep up with the times”, let me know.

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